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  1. shari1677

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    I moved almost a week ago. I had a little help, but most of it I moved myself, along with packing. Then, you have the unpacking at the new place and getting things organized.

    I have overdone it. My body is screaming and I'm having trouble walking it hurts so much.

    I have taken triple-quadruple doses of my meds off and on this week due to the pain. Has anyone else done this?
  2. BeansMom

    BeansMom New Member

    So sorry for your pain, Shari!! I did the same thing not even a month ago - across the country - and it was tough!!
    I have often had to double or triple my dosages on my pain medication (only tramadol, nothing stronger) and with OTC pain medication. Sometimes it has helped, sometimes it hasn't.

    Sometimes mixing your pain medication with an OTC (I call it my "cocktail") will work pretty well, along with a topical (like Biofreeze) & heat or ice..whichever helps you best.

    Take it easy and let your body recover :) I'm starting to feel back to normal and it's taken nearly a month to feel better.
    The worst part is, when you take more of your medications, you will run out before your insurance or pharmacy will let you refill...that sucks!

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