overdosed on oxycontin,xanax, and sudafed nighttime pm

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    i want to warn all of you on this board about what meds you take for this fibromyalgia. i was on painkillers for 3 going on 4 years,when on July 26 i almost died,i still don`t know what happpened,i just know it did,through God`s mercy and Grace,and my sister who lives an hour away from me,she called me on the phone that morning and she said i sounded wacked out,i do not remember this and a lot of other stuff that happened that day or the next 2 weeks i was in the hospital. iwas in MICU for 2 days and the heart center for almost a week,then on to the psyche ward so they could find out if i did it on purpose. i have never ever thought of doing myself any harm, i like myself too much for that,lol.

    all i can say was it was the no. 1 horrific experience i`ve ever had to go through,and if any of you are taking strong narcotics ,try other things first, i wish i had. the only thing i take now is arthritis strength tylenol, i would like some suggestions on other stuff i could get thats non-narcotic, anything that is tried and true.

    i attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings everyday,and abstain from any narcotic. i know some people can take a painpill for pain and its ok,but i have an addicted nature,which i inherited from my dad who was an alcoholic almost up to the day he died. i have 2 brothers and 1 sister,yet i am the only 1 that got it.well thats all i have for now

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    All I can say is, "I'm sure happy you are still here to remind us of this danger."

    I'm very happy you came out o.k. Please continue to keep up the good work.
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    Well i told my doc i dont want narcotics because i have two young boys 11 and 13 and i know a body can get addicted. also i know how it feels when i am on it for short periods during my worse episodes i guess flare ups i go to er and they give me the max of morphine diazapam percocet and motrin i am high boy and they send me home with script on diazapam and percocet i wont even finish it i will throw it down the toilet. also because i worry about my husband getting into it he has pschizoaffective disorder massive depressive and post traumatic stresss and he has tried to kill himself in the past also self medicade to make the voices and people go away. what a couple, huh, my poor kids well have you heard of daypro its in the motrin family im not sure if youre intrested on antidepresants that suppose to help with pain. i was given topamax, it didnt help my pain but stopped my migraines not addictive um have you heard of cymbalta for depression helps for pain try to look up those see if they seem interesting and ask your doctor if you can try to see if it could help. cymbalta was the first thing i tried but didnt work for me but it is also use for people with diabetes and their pain. to be honest those are the only things i can think of so far ive tried didnt help, everyones different though, but i believe those are non addictive. i am glad you are okay. it is a hard experience to have to go through and very scary sorry you had to go through it. you make sure you take care of yourself. god bless B~Kay
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    and Paragraphs, please!

    I wanted to read your posts but the paragraphs were too long and I began to get dizzy and fall off my bed!

    Please, please use shorter ones.

    Thanks muchly,
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    Oh my dear, i am so glad you survived your ordeal, my Dr. prescribed me Oxycontin, and i had a bad reaction right away, i was very confused started getting sick on my stomach, so i went to bed, sometime in the night my husband woke up and i wasn't in the bed and he found me in the bathroom crawling around on my hands and knees. It scared him to death, i don't remember much about this, he told me. I had been wearing Durgesic patches for pain control and then they also gave me the oxycontin, I slept about 16 hrs. and my husband told me all about it. i am doing just what you are, i am taking 2 Tylenol x-strench. and i would never take Oxcontin under any circumstances again, i really thought i was dying. plese be careful if your Dr. insist , it is a dangerous drug. i do also take Keppra for periferal neuropathy, but never Oxcontin. I was told you could buy it on the street. I don't want it, God Bless you that you pulled thru. Good luck [email address removed as per rules]
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    I'm very sorry to hear about your experience, although I'm not clear on the exact circumstances. The fact is that every drug effects everyone differently and we all have to be very aware of this at all times. If it weren't for narcotics I would be bedridden at this pont in my life(32 years old) and my children wouldn't have much of a mother. I have had very bad & scarey experiences from many other drugs tried to treat my pain. I also feel I have an addictive personality, but have regained my self control more recently as I realize the seriousness of being in such pain that I have to take narcotics.
    I do think health care is kind of in disarray as we're always sent home with drugs, drugs, drugs to cure us with really no monitoring. A while back a doctor reinterated to me that my health care is just as much my responsibility as it was hers. After alot of thought I agreed. Since that time, I question, I doubt and I challenge docs when things just don't seem right or clear.
    I do hope you are able to find something suitable for you and do let us all know if you do. Take Crae, Laura
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    I agree it is up to us to have self control, but more importantly, question doctors.

    Don't take any prescription without first knowing all side effects, then determining if you want to take it. That includes any drug.

    I sincerely believe in opiates and agree, the quality of your life is the most important thing. It breaks my heart when I see someone here post they are in terrible pain and getting no help from doctors.

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    i'm sorry to here you had duch a bad time because of your meds. you mentioned in your post that you wanted to know about some non-narcotic pain meds you could try.

    over the counter you can try advil, up to 800mg every 6hrs
    (this is the high presciption dose when a dr. prescribes it). you could also try napyrson, i think the dose on that is 250mg 2-3 times a day. both of these are short action anti-inflammatory pain killers.

    if you dr. is open to helping you with this there are some long acting anti-inflammatory pain killers that you could try. volteran and celebrex are both good meds and if one doen't work fot you the other might.

    the good thing about all of these drugs being anti-inflammatories is theat they not only should decrease you pain, like the tylenol does. but un like the tylenol they can decrease the inflamation in you joints from the arthritis which should help to decrease you pain over a period of time the longer you take them. if the swelling decreases the pain should decrease.

    i hope this helps.