Overlap of Lyme and FM symptoms

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    OK, so even if a person has lyme disease, do you think they can have the waxing and waning pain and extreme fatigue with unrefreshing sleep that is associated with FM? This will be the fourth year since dx in 2004 that my daughter has felt great late April through early October. The other months she pretty much has all of the full blown FM flare symptoms. Is there a link bewteen Lyme and the better weather, sun, etc. that there seems to be with FM?

    Or does Lyme mimick FM enough that it has the same symptoms? I think that is the answer, but just wondering.

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    Hi Connie, I have been researching most of the day and I was reading that this one Dr. feels insomnia comes from viruses that Lyme has reactivated. Also, I understand that you can have periods of time with Lyme where you feel normal and that some symptoms can take as long as a decade to appear. I guess there are many opinions out there and it's sometimes difficult to find the right ones. Anyhow you might want to look at neural therapy website. Some interesting info about one Drs methods.
    For what it's worth I believe Cfs and Fibro can be symptoms of Lyme. I think virus symptoms and Lyme symptoms are pretty much the same. Some people believe it's all Lyme. It does seem to make sense. Jess
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    I'm not sure what they mean when they say you could have *FMS* AND Lyme, becuase Fibro is NOT a disease like so many people seem to think, it is just a group of symptoms that they have no explaination for. The symptoms CAN be explained if you have Lyme or mycoplasma or co-infections, which *rule out* it being FMS or CFS. Those Dx are for Dr's that have given up looking.

    EVERY person I have met that has Lyme was originally Dx'd with FMS, CFS or both (like me).

    I had periods in the past 10 yrs with TOTAL remission, so I thought I had "beat the fibro". Ha=ha. It was just Lyme lying low, waiting to come back with some new attack of my system.

    Once Lyme has a foothold, I really do not think it ever goes away. It is something that has to be fought to keep in remission forever.

    Yesterday @ my LLMD's office I met a woman that has been fighting Lyme for 13 yrs. She is doing great right now, but will never let her guard down. Still, she is on disability and will never work again.

    I don't know how long y'all have been fighting Lyme, or researching Lyme, but it is a terrible thing. My best to you and your daughter, and my wish is for healing for all.

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    We have a friend who took their son to him, and he is doing really good now. I could care less if it costs every dime we have at this point. Heck we've already invested tens of thousands and gotten no where!

    I do think my insurance will cover it since we are self employed with no restrictions on doctors.
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    In filling out the paperwork for her visit Tuesday with Dr. C, it is amazing how many symtoms she has with regard to everything! I can not get a bite on her right arm she had in June 2004 (she became sick in September 2004) out of mind, and have brought it up to every doctor. They all say the same, well she has been on long term Abx (roadback.org) and was given antibiotics when she was bitten (10 days worth, I know ....)

    A visit to a pain mgmt, doc last week really got my wheels turning again to not give up finding the source of all of this. He truly believes one needs to find the most experienced doctors who know about obscure illnesses to treat FM and although he thinks it does exist, he too doesn't want to take that for a dx, especially for a 15 year old.

    So we are starting over in our search. Meanwhile he is looking for long-haired hippy type ID doctor who lives in a jungle and can see if what she has might have been picked up in one of many of our trips out of the country or while snorkeling .. maybe scrapping herself of coral that was 'poison' or something in the ocean that enetred her body. Just anything "outside the box" I guess.

    He even mentioned a program he saw on the Discovery Channel about poison ants and how people reacted to them, which was the type of pain she has -- really sensitive to touch her or even be near the bed she is lying on at times.

    So I will definitely keep you all posted after we return Tuesday.

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    read the 2 articles I just posted under the heading 'Bartonella' - talks about the extreme likelihood that we have it, with or without lyme, and how it affects the whole body in ways that we don't even know about yet... yet there are no good blood tests...

    and how it's yet another 'bug' that is being looked at as a cause of many autoimmune diseases. It can be caught via many other vectors than ticks...

    The whole article by Dr. James Schaller is in the Current April 2008 issue at publichealthalert.org

    all the best,

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    That was the very first thing we started when she was dx'd 4 years ago. She has gone as much as 3 times a week. We also have done Graston technique and acupuncture on a regular basis. We have a sauna with blue lights for SAD in our home, a hot tub, pool (opening it next week if the weather cooperates)...... about everything one could ask for available to her. She thinks we need a tanning bed as going to the tanning place is a "hassle" according to her :) Dr. C said he would write her a prescription for one, but we forgot about getting it before we left .... not sure if he was serious, but we did discuss it a lot with him and I know it's on the list!

    SO for this week since she started Ceftin Wednesday, she has had a massage (Wed), Epsom Salt bath and Bio Cranial Therapy (Thursday), sauna/shower cycles (Fri) and hopefully today I can get her to go tan and maybe a pedicure! Just trying to get some sort of detox in every day.

    I might as well be ill too as I have to arrange and transport her, but not sure my hubby could take care of us!


    Forgot to ask do you have a Golden? Just looks like one in the pic. We have 2!
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    I am going to Dr. C!

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