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    Please let me know about your experiences with anti-anxiety stuffs.

    I take Rivotril (klonazepam)-antihistamine (low dose Remeron)-some Xanax-and Valdoxan (melatonerg). still wired.

    I get stimulated from L-theanine, Rich's methylation protocol (this is not detox), choline, b6, Mg... from almost everything. Any idea? What about Lunesta, Sonata? Do thez cause dependence?
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    Dr. Sandra Cabot www.liverdoctor.com describes Phase I and Phase II detox pathways in the liver.
    We can help the liver break things down more quickly: Milk Thistle, Burdock Root and Dandelion root or leaf. N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) helps the liver make glutathione and really speeds up detox rates. Dandelion root tea is real good.

    Detox slowly as your liver may be overloaded and dumping the entire load may make you real sick. Try one capsule first of any of the above. Wait a few hours. Drink lots of water. Fiber helps keep the toxins moving out:
    Liver -> bile (gallbladder) -> small intestine -> colon

    Consider vegetable juicing. Beets are esp good for liver cleasing. 1/4 beet at first.

    The body does adapt to any sleep aid: I have to rotate them each month. I do need less when I take pharma grade GABA. www.nutrabio.com

    Don't take any B vitamin near bedtime...I get a buzz from it.

    Magnesium citrate (Peter Gillham's Calm) helps me chill at night, Raspberry Lemon and stevia are tasty. High bioavailability
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    I also have very good results from Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm at bedtime. Have you tried any of the non-pharmaceutical things such as Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower Remedy) and Calm’s Forte (Hyland‘s)? These can be taken during the day to reduce overstimulation. My mother takes Calm’s Forte at bedtime and she still has less sensory overload the next day. (I can’t get her to take it during the day.)
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    Personally I never found herbal remedies did anything to calm my over-stimulaton. Now I take Imovane at bedtime for sleep and that gets me a decent 7 hours most nights. I also take a low dose (300mg daily) of Gabapentin which acts the same as GABA (produced in the body) and dampens the reactivity of the central nervous system. This has really helepd me. The other thing I do for that wired feeling is meditate and that will always calm me down. Try Jon Kabat Zinn's body scan CD's (Google him).
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    just a question... when you tried L-theanine, did you use the Suntheanine type or was it "just" labeled L-theanine. Did you use it alone or in combination (it's included in a lot of "remedies").

    I'm curious because for my son, only the Suntheanine type of L-Theanine works (it's re-packaged by different companies, but in the ingredients it is always listed as "Suntheanine"); tho I can't remember if he was overstimulated or just became more anxious & agitated.

  6. victoria

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    just out of my curiosity - was it the Suntheanine type used as the ingredient or other?

    I know I have found differences in other things as well, for one reason or another. Either it is not actually the same stuff, or its the packaging. (NOW brand came out with SAMe in a bottle, it did not have the same effects as the individually blisterpack type.)
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    Overstimulation is a neurological problem and not a vitamin/supplemental deficiency. That being said there is a site where you can check what scientific evidence shows. I can't find it but maybe someone can chime in and give the URL.

    Isn't clonazepam the same as Klonopin? Is the drug you mention is not the same as it is spelled differently. I was prescribed Clonazepam for RLS. I am on the same dose, fairly low, I was on when I started 15 years ago.

    I am not familiar with Rivotril.

    I also take Nuvigil which for me helps me with overstimulating. It is for excessive daytime sleepiness and it helps w/o making me hyper. me. It makes me feel "more normal", whatever that is. Like Ritalin et. al. it has the effect of helping your brain to process stimuli differently.

    Take care.


    ETA Antihistamines make me wired and also make my RLS worse. We all react differently.

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    Tell me more about valdoxan, is it good for sleep.