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    Hi. I was just diagnosed with CFIDS. This is the first time I have ever used a message board so bear with me. I don't know anyone with a disease like this. I get these temperatures that are low grade (99.5 F or so) that really bring me down. Is this a common experience? I can feel fine, but when I have a fever I feel overwhelmed physically and emotionally. The weird part is that they seem to run in a pattern of about 20 more or less feverish days to 20 more or less "cooler" days. Maybe its just a girl thing, but I can't seem to figure it out. Any experience out there on this? Thanks so much.
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    maybe do a google search i know i will.
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    Hi. I'm sorry for your recent diagnosis. (BTW, CFIDS is just another term used for "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"
    I, too, get low-grade fevers. It doesn't seem like a temperature just slightly elevated would really matter, but it does. Whenever my fevers come, I also get achy, flu-like symptoms. I wish I knew what to tell you. Last summer when I was getting lots of fevers, I ate ice chips to cool myself down. Not a cure, but helped temporarily.
    And I also take advil, tylenol, or aspirin. It sometimes helps with the "sick feeling."
    As far as patterns go, I haven't noticed any except that the week before my period I almost ALWAYS get the fevers. The other weeks of the month are more variable.
    Best of luck with everything.
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    Hi there I have suffered from the same thing for most of my life [I have FM CFS MS had Endodemetriousis, hysterectomy took care of that] Anyways, I started a chart a couple of months ago throughout the day at same time, haven't found any patteren yet except like you said 10-20 days on then days [mine only about 7] of normal.No cold or flu symptoms except I sure feel that slight rise. It makes me tired [more than usual] and kind of 'mentally out of it' Sometimes regular tylonol helps sometimes it doesn't.I guess I don't have any helpful advice, just wanted to let you know you are not alone, it does affect my everyday life.
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    Hey, thanks so much for the information and your reply. It really does help me feel a little less weird. I've really been struggling with this illness not to mention recent computer and car problems, so I really needed to hear from someone. Appreciate everything and best wishes to you too.