Overwhelmed and need Information.

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  1. mrsbrew

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    Pls be patient with me because i'm not sure this site has what i am looking for, but hopefully someone can point me into the right direction.

    At long last I found a doctor who ran the needed test and found that I have both long term and short term Epstein-Barr virus cells. She was my GYN doctor. So I went to my GP doc and she patted my hand and gave me a Rx to help the gastro spasms. Smiled and said yes, 'You have EB Syndrone. Have a nice day'. CFS symptoms brought to the dr to begin with.

    My public library had outdated information, Internet searches have been confusing. What I am looking for is, what kind of doctor should I look for? Internalist? Gasto-Intestional?

    All the research I have tried to do on my own at least has me convinced I should be under the care of a doctor who has an idea of what tests to run.


    Thanks in advance for any and all helpful info.
  2. klutzo

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    If you have an active EBV infection,it sounds like you may have CFS, in which case I think your best bet is an Infectious Disease specialist.
  3. Shirl

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    Hi MrsBrew, welcome to the board. I can't help, but I am positive that Klutzo gave you the right doctor to see for your symptoms.

    I have Fibro, not CFS, but I know how that awful fatigue feels.

    Just stopped to welcome you, and I hope you get more responses from those who can relate to your symptoms.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. evileva

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    My primary care physician is in internal medicine and he is the one who treats me. I have CFS/Fibro and chronic EBV. You just need to find someone who is knowledgable on the subject of CFS and that is not always easy. Good luck.