Overwhelmed with information!!

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  1. Solstice

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    I love coming to this message board becuase I get so much information and help. But sometimes like now I feel just overwhelmed and I guess I need a break.

    Everything starts to blend together.........adrenal insufficiency, mycroplasams, chronic neurotoxins, candida, lymes, hypercoagulation, etc. etc. etc. YIKES! Now I don't know what to do first!!! I find coming here gives me some hope that we can put the puzzle together and figure this out, but there are SO many pieces!

    Two weeks ago, I was set to do a 30 day cleanse / fast, thinking that would be the best thing I could do and would possibly allow my body to heal itself by being detoxed. And the plan was to follow that up with exceptional nutrition and self care. Now, I don't know what to do next and I am really confused.

    If anyone has any ideas about how to get some focus here, I would like to hear it.

    I guess one idea I have is to find a doctor / natropath who is holistic and will check into many of these issues, and then go from there. But sometimes I have a hard time having faith in any medical person. They have their own biases and how do I know if they are on the right track.

    I have had CFIDS and FMS for over 20 years now, and at times, like now I just get a bug up my butt to get aggerssive about figuring this out for once and for all and then after awhile I just get exhausted with trying to figure it out and sink back into complacency and try to do the best with this mystery illness.

    It is so weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to you all,


  2. tandy

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    Really I do!! I feel like theres sooooooo much to be done to get better!! can it really be done??! So many things can ineterfere with one getting well,detox the liver,hormonal balance,adrenal work up,thyroid,gutt issues....probiotics,now Bromelain,etc...the list is long!! Seems endless does'nt it? I know its nice to have hope that we'll be well someday(I have some hope left...not alot!)But are we being realistic? These DD are so complicated......even medical /scientists have'nt figured out alot when it comes to treating us or what caused this to begin with. Theres so much funding out there for other illnesses and we're not given much attention in that respect~ I've had this for a good length of time(11yrs or more). I have'nt improved much.Not enough to celebrate!! I wanna be able to say "I'm 50 or more percent better". Its more like 10-20 if that.
    Exhausting this disease is!!and even more, trying to fight it everyday and not give in to it!!thats the real kick in the you know what!! just getting up and getting out and doing something!anything!!to be a part of society again!!! My juants out are short lived due to pain and shear weakness,cotten brain,exhaustion,lightheadedness,IBS and the need to lay down takes over my whole being!!Its all I want is to hit the couch and rest...even tho this does'nt help,you get back up and your no further ahead~
    Someday the world will wake up and realize that too many of us are sicker than hell!!and that something needs to be done!! just waiting,and waiting...thats what our lives have become,waiting and hoping~ Thanks!I needed to get that off my chest! A brighter tomorrow ~ :)
  3. tansy

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    and got overwhelmed by it. Some great people here helped me get a better understanding of the issues I wanted to address.

    I too have been ill for over 20 years, I've learnt that for me a very holistic programme always works best and I should try to do everything synergistically. Most of the time I followed my gut instinct but it took others to get me to take on board the hypercoagulation and HPA axis problems because I hadn't realised how important they were to me.

    Well I've made some mistakes, have some really bad additional problems flaring up, other bad triggers, but at long last there's a difference that everyone around me has noticed. I'm severely affected and very disabled.

    I had already started addressing some symptoms before finding this board but now I'm working on a whole lot of problems which in turn help the others.

    Detoxing sounds fine but please take care, we've had years of being ill and our bodies do not cope well if overwhelmed when they are released. I think we need to go about it in a gentler fashion than is often promoted by practioners and supplement manufacturers.

    I've chosen a mostly natural route with just a little orthodox medicine, so far this seems about right. I too am trying to achieve that stage where my body can do more of it's own healing with less intervention.

    It seems most of us have to go through trial and eror and in so doing find what works for us.


  4. Coach

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    Hey Solstice,
    This may sounds simplistic, but what I like to do is make a flowchart of eveything you're trying to track. I use software that I can make flowcharts in. I do some on the screen, print it out, draw on it, change it, do some research and add the main points, and print it out again. The software lets you make big charts and you can tape the pages together. Having everything on one big peice of paper is clarifying. I used to do a lot of sequence alignments in genetics. In finding patterns, the human eye is still better than any computer program that has yet been designed in identifying subtle patterns. With the chart you can do the same thing - you can focus on different aspects of it and make a plan of action and chart the results without having to try and keep everything in your head. I find it very clarifying.
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  5. jadibeler

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    I know exacly how you feel. I was so excited to find all this information and I've spent almost 2 months looking into everything. It's been like taking an internet college degree. But then everything started running together, of course I couldn't remember what I'd learned about what, and I started getting confused.

    Now that you have an overview, start taking things one at a time with your research. I wouldn't know what to do with that fancy computer program even if I had it. Get a separate notebook for each thing and then concentrate on gleaning all the information you can on that one subject. Do past post searches, then ask questions you have noted down, search the web from what you learn in the past posts. Write down everything you learn, even if you think
    you will remember it. Then go on to the next subject ie, mycoplasms, candida, adrenal fatigue, detoxing, etc.

    When you get all your research done and have everything clear in your mind, look at yourself and see what you think applies most to you, what is easiest to start with.

    For now, do the simple things: add magnesium, start drinking lots of water, switch to sea salt and change your diet. Changing the diet is very important to several of the the scenerios. Get rid of that sugar and those carbs. Start taking digestive enzymes because we all need them (and not just "us"). If you think you have candida overgrowth and/or mycoplasms, start taking probiotics. These things will get you off to a good start. Just changing the diet has made a world of difference for me.

    If you trust your doctor to be understanding, print out the information on the various subjects and give them to him, explaining as you go, if he will listen. Give him a list of tests you need, ie: blood fibrin level for mycoplasms, blood cortisol level for adrenal fatigue. (you can do the spit test yourself for Candida). If you're lucky, as I was, your dr. will take you seriously and be willing to learn along with you. If not, start looking for a naturopath or holistic Dr. Ralph, here, might be able to help you find one in your area - he has a list.

    Once you settle down and get organized, everything will fall into place. But you can do the above things to get started.

    Good luck.

  6. Solstice

    Solstice New Member

    Thank You for your responses.

    You have some good suggestions. And it is helpful to know that you can relate with this feeling of being overwhelmed.
    It is so hard to think with brain fog that it makes all this processing of info. more difficult.
    Thanks for your help.
    If anyone else has ideas I would love to hear them.


  7. NanceZ

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    and especially the post by jade that said to do the simple things first. I wish all new people tot he board would see this helpful hint as those are the exact things that have helped my brain fog get better and the addition of magnesium this last week has made me get the best sleep in a year.

    The simple things are big and really important......after a couple of months I am stillw orkign at gettign thema ll down.

    Good luck!!
  8. klutzo

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    I keep thinking if I could just go live alone in a cabin in the woods with no phone and never have contact with modern society, I would just naturally get better and not need to do any of this stuff.
    As it is, my whole day is spent doing the required exercises, remembering to take the right stuff at the right times and eating the right stuff at the right times, and trying to avoid the constant phone calls or having to see my neighbors.
    I want so badly to just drop all of it and pretend I am normal. For 18 yrs. I have been spending all the money trying to get better that we should have saved so my husband could retire. Because of this, he will never be able to retire, and despite all my knowledge and all my efforts, the illness has relentlessly advanced and I am not better. All this constant effort has sapped my resilience though, and I am a walking nervous breakdown.
  9. Solstice

    Solstice New Member

    I do go thru times where I pretend I am normal..........when I am having a good day or phase. But then, BAM I regress to the pits, which is where I am now.
    A cabin in the woods sound like a good idea. Even if we didn't get better, it would be a nice break!
    Hang in there kiddo.
  10. kerrymygirl

    kerrymygirl New Member

    For yrs, back and forth conventional,non-conventional,alternative,meds,suppliments,herbs,endless vitamins.

    The amount of energy,time,money,do this treatment try that.

    I go to lyme-net they do the same trying to get well. So many treatments, alot like what people are doing here.

    Then I get more confused,so many controversial treatments. All it is is just guess work. I think I hear someone getting better on a protocol they are using, then relapse.

    I feel like Klutzo just give me a cabin far from it all and let me just take it day by day what makes me feel good, then go from there.

    Right now I am back to square 1, conventional bandaid treatment,as I call it. Try to eat proper,added vit. for what I may or may not be absorbing with diet. Few supp. Rest as much as poss., keep as much stress out of my life,as humanly poss. Look at the good stuff. (I still say a trip to tahiti would have been $$$ better spent). Atleast I would have something good to talk about and remember on days I can hardly go on anymore.

    The herbal route, acccupuncture,chiro`s, etc. Just can`t afford if there is no cure and I sure have tryed enough.

    I miss me, I miss my life, but this is the 1 I am stuck with for now,anyway.

    If I seen enough people cured,(Saw 100`s of pt. at clinic) I would run my credit card to max. Then go back to work. Forget this ever happened. I just am tapped out trying now,emotionally,physically,financially, confused like you and I am an info person, this is almost just too much for my brain. Sometimes I think it makes me worse.

    I come here to try to support others now, THAT is what alot of us need most of all. Maybe our BEST medicine....?