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  1. chrysty

    chrysty New Member

    Hi to all and good luck and best wishes with your progress.
    I am completely overwhelmed by the medicines, pain, confusion and recent job loss. I need to lose 50 lbs. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a yr ago but was tested for everything under the sun before that. I've tried several meds and am now seeing a specialist and a psychologist. I am depressed, it hurts to exercise. I get confused, and seem like I am always stressed out. Thye more I read what all of you have written, the more, I don't know, angry i get? Upset? I guess I have to learn to cope with it and educate myself. The more I learn and read the more overwhelmed I become. If anyone can please give me advice on this or anything at all, it would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I am falling apart.
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    I certainly know how you feel Chrysty. I have had fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for 8+ years now. My entire life has changed. I continue to feel overwhelmed at times, but I try to avoid that because it seems to make everything worse. I have found that when my pain is under control, I deal better with the rest. I have gained a lot of weight and not from over eating. I have had to cut back on my hours of work meaning less money. I don't get to do the things I love or else I pay for it the next day. But, all in all I am trying to just take one day and sometimes one minute at a time. I came to the realization that this is my life and if I don't find some peace and try to enjoy something each day the rest of my life will just pass me by. I refuse to let this disease do this to me. I take something for anxiety which helps calm me down and I am on an antidepressant.

    I'm not one to push any religious beliefs on others, but I try to turn my cares over to God and pray - this is all that saves me at times.

    Also, learn to pace yourself. I read a lot of the responses and if I tried everything I read that's all I would be doing and that is not feasible. Start slow.

    I don't know if any of this has helped but I hope it has. You are in my prayers.

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    It really is all about learning to pace yourself and basically taking one day at a time. You can read and read. It can either make you depressed or encourage you depending on A. what you're reading, B. your state of mind and finally 'where' you are that day.

    It's easy to be overwhelmed, but take your own situation and only deal with that. STRESS - that's the first thing you have to try to eliminate. If you're stressed about things you can control, that's one thing, if it's about things that you can't, then you have to learn to let go of them.

    I absolutely have to take one day at a time. If I look into the future with a negative outlook it would be almost impossible to find any positive in the moment.

    Take things in small doses. If reading too much is overwhelming you - then STOP, take a break.
    What is making you feel like you are falling apart?

    I deal with pain every day, but I work, have a family and a home I take care of. I make sure I get enough sleep and try to eliminate as much stress as possible. I still have a lot of life to live.

    A good support system is critical.
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    Yes, I've started on both antidepressant,anxiety, blood pressure, cholesterol meds. I am not used to pacing myself, but thank you yes the dr says that too. It is really nice to have someone that understands. Thank you for your prayers. I even stopped going to church somedays and the elderly ladies call and yell (jokingly of course). Maybe I'll set that goal and go this week. thanks.
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    I have no idea what a bump is? Can you clue me in? thanks.
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    bumping is away to move your post back to the top of the board.

    threw me at first too.

    hope your doing better
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    The falling apart part is that even though the ropinrole is working and I am finally sleeping after 2 years, I just can't seem to relax. I am home now (but looking for work) and the hubby and girls are great , even the new puppy, but the physical limitations I never thought would affect my emotional and mental well-being. Maybe if I knew about my brain getting overloaded and short-circuiting before I was cornered three against one at work I would have fought back instead of just quitting. i was really good at my job, work reviews were excellent, that's the hardest part, i guess. I'm bored and need to learn to pace but it really annoys the heck out of me when I can't do something. I like to go go go and get things done and am not used to asking for help. It is impossible to eliminate all the stress. Then again maybe that place was too stresful for me to be in, and I'll find something better. Thanks for listening. It one thing to tell your doctor or husband, to actually connect with someone who has it is really great.
  9. chrysty

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    I hope you are doing ok too. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Besides the fibro and work (mean people), my parents that have been divorced for 12 years are getting back together, Barry's mom is mad at him, and I am bored. I just can't seem to relax. Then the psychologist wrote her appts down wrong and so I am back home after going out for nothing. Does everybody crave sweets with this? Like, sometimes, I really need a piece of cake with that sickening sweet icing, but than I think about the weight loss issue and do something else. With all of the different meds they've tried til they figured this thing out with me, how to take off all the weight? Does anyone know of something that really works? Sorry if I sound like I am feeling sorry for myself. Somedays I do and somedays I press on. Thanks for listening and for the um bump? : )

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