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    I have sank into another depression pit again...not sure why, just know that I feel so miserable. Im angry, dont know why, Im sad, dont know why, Im snapping at everyone around me, dont know why. Basically, Im in a very very very DARK PLACE....alone and isolated....and well, DONT KNOW WHY.

    I started my new job today. It went well. So why am I so anxious??? DONT KNOW WHY. Why do I feel empty and sad? DONT KNOW WHY..

    The only thing I do know is that when I am like this I dont want to be aorund my kids or hubby or anyone...I want to be left alone. Unfortunately thats not feasible.

    I also know that the fibro pain is back full blown, I cant sleep a wink, I feel like this horrible blobbish Monster again and cant even stand to see myself in a mirror. My gutt hurts ALL THE TIME, despite the meds.

    I just need a prayer. Please help. I know so many of you out there have troubles far worse than mine but I need help. I cried out to God yesterday during church service. How selfish of me right? on Easter SUnday on a day I am suppose to be joyful....I was exhausted, crappy, snappy, in pain and just wanted to climb back into bed.

    Days like these I feel like a pithetic example of a human being.....even worse as a Christian. Shame on me.

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    I'm sorry to hear you are fighting depression and anxiety right now. I also fight these two things and have for years, but I did finally this time last year got help and on medication for depression and anxiety. I still have my days where I'm anxious or a little depressed, but I'm a new person overall. Sometimes I still want to get off the meds, but even if I try to cut the dose back some, I can tell and everyone around me can also. I don't know if you take meds, but the meds and my faith in the Lord, I couldn't live without these. But I must say, that my faith in the Lord is my #1 priority in my life. My Mom got me the best christmas present this past year, A One Bible, that i read each day and at the end of the year I have read the whole bible. It gives me so much inspiration. About the same time I found this worship board and have made so many friends. When I need help, am depresssed, need prayer, I come here and ask for prayers. Sometimes a broad prayer, sometimes very specific. I also prayer many times thru out the the day and my prayers always start out by Thanking our Amighty Lord and God for all the blessings he has given me and my family.
    I will pray that you will #1: pray and be thankful for your blessings, #2 I pray that you continue to visit this board and ask for prayers when needed. I will continue to pray for you and ask the Lord to take away your depression and anxiety and be thankful for your new job and the blessing you receive each day. God bless you.

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    I`m sorry to hear your having such a bad time. I am praying for you. I pray that God gives you joy and peace in your life. I know it gets so terribly hard at times, but the bad times will pass just hang on.

    We`re always here for you and understand what you`re going through.

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    Hi day, Please read my post to encourage you. " Dying and he appeared to me".

    Love you,

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    Having FM means having moments of depression, it seems to be a major part of it, we all experience it. The good thing is that for some of us it does pass, that deep pit feeling doesn't last forever, but it is so hard when in it.
    I can't offer you a solution, but wanted you to know you are not alone, & will be having so many praying for you here on this board. Hopefully by now you are already feeling better, I do hope so.
    May God Bless you & help you at this time.
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    No not shame on you,yes of course you are a christian but you are also a human being.All of us christian or otherwise get beaten down from time to time and considering your set of circumstances and your response to them only makes you abundantly human,not a poor christian.We all fall short on a daily basis,and I hope you don't think God is expecting unblemished perfection from you because these would be standards none of us with the exception of Jesus could live up to.I wish I had a cure for your meloncholy and your fibro[I have cfids]but I will do what I can which is to ask the lord to grant you wisdom and strenght and a contented spirit to help you through your trials.God bless.