Overworked--now a big flare

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    Hi all:

    I overworked big time last week. Guess that teaches me a lesson to stick to what I know is best for me, but I am still learning since I was diagnosed in April.

    Last week my bosses took on too much work and put me on for 5 days in a row--5 stressful days (floral design--9 weddings), though we had had an agreement that to deal with my health issues I'd work 2 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on.

    I am such a pleaser and worrier that I pushed myself really hard to get it all done. I lost the whole long weekend to a major flare which hasn't stopped yet, but which keeps moving around. This is all new to me. Now I know how it works and now I REALLY know what people mean when they say to pace yourself.

    For 2 days after my legs and arms ached like I had the flu and yesterday I went home from work early because my wrists hurt so bad it would take my breath away. I am wearing braces now which I have for what they are calling carpel tunnel and which I understand is common in FM patients. I haven't had a problem with it for a while until this period of overwork. I feel trapped inside my body.

    I happen to have today off and I'll probably have to call "out" for tomorrow too. I guess that will teach me--and hopefully my bosses--a lesson.

    I feel bad about feeling bad when so many people are worse off, but it is so hard to experience such a loss of capability along with such pain.

    I know I have to change my line of work and I love what I do so much.