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    I thought prohealth was going to be immunesupport. Anyway, I owe a lot of money to doctors and was told the other day that unless I pay on my bill monthly I can't see the two doctors that help me the most. I explained that I am not working, have NO income, am looking for a job but that doesn't look too promising, but I will pay as soon as I get a job.

    So what do I do without my doctors and without my Rx, that help me?


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    Sometimes places will accept a small amount. Do you have $10/month you can afford to give them. Making an effort often means more than the amount paid, but you have to pay it faithfully. Better to pay a little than to get sent to collections AND not be able to receive the medical care you need.
    Try to make some sort of arrangements with them.

    I don't know what kind of meds you take, but do they require you to see them everytime they refill your meds? Mine doesn't. Maybe you can work something out with them where they don't do that and can give you more refiills, or if they are pick up scripts, you only have to go every few months. Work with them - like I said, ignoring bills is the worst thing you can do. (not that you have - just speaking in general)

    My husband lost his job recently. My doctor now gives me enough so I don't have to fill every 30 days, but can actually go longer. She gives me the max allowed per day, then I follow her instructions and my script lasts longer.
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    ditto on the previous post. As for meds you might want to apply to the drug company directly for assistance. If you need help with the application process you might contact a medcial clinic or community mental health clinic. These kinds of facilities should be aware of the process because they provide services to low income individuals that often need this kind of assistance. Good luck.