Oxcy & Vicodone ES, to much???

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    Good Afternoon,
    Im new to post to this site, ive been ready all the great information that is on this board! What a bunch of wonderful people you all seem to be. I was DX about six months ago with FM, ive been doing the test game and the pills game for about three months now. I was just put on a mixture of meds. to try and control the leg pain I have been having, it got so bad I could hardly stand and that is a problem because I have to work, I just have one question if you all dont mind. I was put on 10mg. of Oxcy. twice a day, 1-2 Vicodone ES in the afternoon for break threw pain, Zanaflex 1/1/2, Efexor 100mg. and Xanax 1-2 as needed, when I started the adding in the Vicodone ES I found at night I started to have pretty bad panic attacks?? Do you all think im getting to much nartics in my system during the day??
    thanks for listening.
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    I cant answer your question but do want to let you know the board moves fast. The best way to get a response is to say exactly what you want to know in your title so those who quickly scan know they can help you.

    Hit the edit button if you want to change your title. To move your message up to the top just hit the reply button and then type in anything. Most people say bump. I always go back and delete the bump message for less clutter but most dont.

    Again Welcome the water is nice and warm here.
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    start w/only one narc at a time... Until your system adjusts to the oxy. I take oxy 20mg 2xs a day, I was just upped on the dose. Just ease up on the vic and see how you feel. Also, the Xanax is pretty strong too. I would say to introduce all these meds at once will get your system a little out of whack.. Ask the doc and tell him how you feel and he will recommend what to do!!! But I would just slow down on the vicoden that might do the trick... keep us posted! Blessings, IGgy
    sometimes a drug like neurontin is ideal for leg pain, or restless legs syndrome. Like packman said, its not really alot of narcs, but if youre new to them just slow it down a bit. oxy and vicoden does get me more energized, so I dont know if that is whats causing your panic attacks. IF you just introduce yourself one drug at a time, then you will know what is causing it, just a thought. Blessing, Iggy