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    This is my first time posting. I read the message board as much as possible. I'm so glad to read what does and doesn't work for everyone. I just started taking a supplement called Oxegen. You can get it at walgreens, rite-aid, longs etc. When I went to the Denver FFC they said my blood was thick and sticky. Therefore it takes a fibro. person 4-5 times as much effort to do things. Because of the lack of oxygen to our vital organs. (hence:brainfog, fatigue etc) I was also diagnosed with severely overworked adrenal glands, low cortisol, thyroid, epstien barr virus etc. I bought their supplements and they really helped. However, I couldn't afford to keep using them. I seem to be doing better on the Oxegen. I've been taking it for 1 week now. Has anyone else tried this and what was your results?
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    What exactly is Oxegen? I've never heard of it. But I also have totally shot adrenal function, CFS, etc. so I'm curious.

    Glad it's helped you.
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    It's a supplement that says it promotes oxygen and nutrient delivery to the cells. I read about it in an advertisement in a magazine. I bought it at City market for $22.00. Normally $29.00. But, it's available at most drug stores. The bottle says:Oxegen AKG with exclusive real_AKG. Only oxegen AKG combines Nobel Prize winning science with real AKG Maxatrol Technology to stimulate the natural production of Nitric Oxide, encouraging increased blood flow for improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body promoting optimum health, vitality and well being. It claims to: encourage Optimum circulation-boost physical endurance-speed recovery from exertion-promote lean muscle production and oxidized fat burning.
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    It is $29.00 (on sale) and the label reads (can see contents):

    "Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 3 Tablets
    Servings Per Container: 40

    Amount per Serving % Daily Value

    Vitamin C as Calcium Ascorbate 180 mg 300%

    reaL-AKG Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate 3000 mg*

    SurSorb Sustained Release Cellulose, Sorbital, Stearic Acid, Xanthum 2000 mg*

    * Daily Value not established."

    I'm going to see if I can find the main ingredients to purchase separately and how much they would cost.
  5. red54

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    Great. Please let me know how it works for anyone who tries it. I want to make sure I'm not just imagining the improvement. If someone finds it cheaper I would like to know also. The supplements from the FFC were costing me over a hundred dollars a month. They really did help me but the visits and supplements were too expensive for me.

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