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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kombucha, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Kombucha

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    Bold post I know, but hear me out.

    The best juicer is a 3 horse power blender, Vita Mix now has one and I own the Blendtec Total Blender (same blender Starbucks and places use).

    A gazillion phytochemicals are in the fiber, and seeds of fruit and vegetables. A 3hp blender breaks down/liberates these phytochemicals of which science don't even know all there is to know about them. You can eat the pulp of your juicer but your digestion will not break down the fiber as will the blender. I call it my atom smasher.

    A blender is EASY and cleans in SECONDS and you use much less produce. If anyone Rich Carson in particular would want to test this out and blend instead of using a juicer (but the 3 hp one as it is powerful not the 2hp) and notice a difference it may be surprising. I own the green power twin gear juicer and it really never benefited me much but did give me sugar highs I'd say.

    The happiest thing about the blender is that I make a morning juice of a tiny handful of sprouted almonds, one carrot, a piece of beet and my favorite 1/2 inch sprig of rosemary. Rosemary makes me feel happy it is a real anti-depressent. To this will cycle greens, parsley or cilantro or kale. Sometimes flax rasberries, well you get it. I also put a couple icecubes and water, I dont cover in water, I'd say maybe 3/4 of the produce level, I eyeball it.

    The blender seems to cost a lot, but you need far less produce, regular amounts that you could eat raw if you wanted to. And you will really do it because there is negligible clean up. I pulse for 20 seconds to grind produce and then hit the S button which will hit atom smashing speed (speed 10) and will go for 50 seconds (this whole time I rest my hand on the lid as there is a centrifugal force and this is what I learned to do when I first learned of this way of juicing) then I hit the S button a second time and when it is done, I pour my juice, I fill the container with water a 1/4 way, and hit the P pulse button for 5 seconds (after I had merely rinsed off the lid and inside continer first before the 1/4 fill) and it is clean, I am done. How many times a day can YOU do this? Time on feet? Maybe 6 minutes from opening fridge, to done. Time at my old juicer? An eternity!

    I learned this from Dr. Wu, whose program I bought and you can no longer get. But you don't really need this accept for the timing I gave and hand on blender lid rested. He recommends always a base of carrot and beet and at least 2 other ingredients. You can use basil, ginger, peppermint (really great for mental/emotional another happy herb)or any produce.

    So there is my bold statement, eat the whole food this way and reap benefits with what little energy you have.

    Linda ps from Dr Wu I learned that with low blood pressure to NOT juice wheatgrass.
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    Does the juice come out pulpy?

    Sounds like a workable alternative to juicing - esp the less work part :)

    How long have you been doing this? Are you seeing any improvement (CFS, FM?).

  3. victoria

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    I too own a Vitamix, and most raw books recommend them highly. altho they do not technically 'juice' but reduce everything to a 'soup'.

    But Dr. Mercola does not like them because he says they heat up the juice too high of a degree...

    perhaps if it is run for more than 50 seconds? I wonder if that's the magic time... do you know, Kombucha?

    Mine is over 20 years old but just bought a new container... that alone was $125 but at least no longer had that annoying and hard-to-clean 'tap'. BTW, Vitamix has their own website if anyone wants to look at it... prices are there too since they sell directly to the consumer.

    all the best,

  4. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    The juice comes out totally liquid, or less water and it can be smoothie texture. I've been doing this for months. It has really changed my skin tone/clarity and my eyes. I feel happier overall and smarter. Energy improvement yes. Regular juicing seemed to do the same---at first---and then I just got spacier I think too much sugar. Vitamin/minerals great with juicing no doubt but not the miraculous phytochemicals. Run a google search on phytochemicals, you can get a little with a juicer or eating or drinking wine or you can get ALL of it with the blender.

    I got it on sale for 319, I know you can't post websites, but if you search you should be able to find it at that price. BUY ONLY NEW, not the reconditioned ones the company sells (that was the advice I got).

    I tried wheatgrass on many occasions about a decade ago, bought a wheatgrass juicer and grew my own, and never understood why I felt such crud on it when it was supposed to be so healing. Dr. Wu was/is the first to ever say what is bad about wheatgrass, so I posted this cuz most of us have low blood pressure.


    I think Dr. Mercola is a bit nuts personally, his metabolic types for example protein/mixed/carb-- you mean that pre-10,000 years ago back to cromagnum happily breeding generation after generation on plenty of meat/fish fat, some vegetation some fruit and then within the last 10,000 years the human genome changed so radically that the human species divided into 3 types of macronutrient needs? His newsletters have great information but there is rubbish too!

    You can do the juice warm and raw without adding ice, add a bit of ice like me and you have slightly cool juice. It doesn't cook at the molecular level I'd be sure. Thats why I urge Rich Carson or anyone who has juiced traditional way and got what results they got and then switch to this 3hp blender and far lesser amounts and feel the POWER that is in this juice. It is energetically different, you can FEEL the difference.

    But the 2 hp Vitamix wont give the results of the 3 hp said Dr. Wu, who doesn't own the company at all, but he taught his program for 20 years with the 2hp and noticed the far better results after the 3 hp came out.

    I'd say if you were thinking about buying a juicer, spend the money on the 3 hp blender.

    I also learned that seeds have a type of cyanide that is a potent cancer destroyer, so think of the blender as a predigester and getting at these natural medicines you couldn't get any other way.


  5. victoria

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    was just reading about the 3 hp juicers - so the idea is that because they're stronger/faster, it grinds the food more so there are more nutrients?

    Sheesh, my old one, which was the heavy duty model at the time (granted 25 years ago!) is only 850 watts, barely over 1 hp!

    You got the Vitamix 3 hp on sale for that amount ($319) or was it the Blendtech (found it on a quigong site when I googled 'Dr Wu juicing')?

    I went on Vitamix's website and for that one it seemed that I had to contact a sales rep in order to order since it was the commercial model... does that sound right?


  6. Aeronsmom

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    I have the Jack La lanne juicer and I totally love it, it's quiet and it is sooooo nice that I don't have to cut and chopped to make sure the fruit/veg fits into it. You can look on ebay for 1, I got mine brand new from ebay. I got lucky and won it for $20 and $10 for shipping.

    love to all, Ann
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  7. Aeronsmom

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  8. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    I got the Blendtec one for that money. I think the Vitamix costs a lot more.

    The blender is supposed to really liberate the nutrients even in fiber.

  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Thanks, I'll look into it...


  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I was just looking at the Blendtechs...

    one site said that if it was sold for less than $399 it 'wasn't allowed' by the company' and the dealer wouldn't have been registered & warranty thus would be void...

    I did find one for the price you mentioned on ebay, is that where you bought it? Just wondering if you know whether that's true or not about warranty being void if bought for less?

    Thanks, again!

  11. Kombucha

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    If you do a search for health products with the title above you would find the place I got mine from. It is an internet store not from ebay. It is fully warranteed. The way it works is you click for a coupon and that is your price so I guess it isn't like advertised as a price. But it is NOT always on such a good sale, you have to keep checking, or call and ask like I did. But I went to that company because that is what I got from a raw food forum. Those raw folks know companies to buy your juicers/dehydraters/sprouters and stuff. Especially if recommended from a veteran poster.

    This is definately no cure for CFS, but for super nutrition vs available energy to cook/juice whatever, it cannot be beat no way. I don't think anything powdered can come close to raw produce/herbs and some fruits. I think it is superior to a juicer, and to use a blender I still like to think of the 3 horsepower blender as my ATOM SMASHER.

  12. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Thanks Linda, I'm strongly considering it... altho I admit I am confusing myself by going over all the 'theories' re raw food, juicing, etc...

    I think over-analyzing is one symptom of CF/FM? - never used to be this way, lolol!

    all the best,

  13. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Do you in fact drink or make/drink Kombucha, and do you think it helps you?

  14. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    I made and drank Kombucha for around 4 months and could find no benefit whatsoever. It is really yummy when first poured off, so bubbly and tangysweet, but not worth the effort of making it for me.
  15. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    who is Dr Wu. Where can I read more about him?
  16. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    He is a bonafide MD, from China, but you can no longer get his program. The qiqong site I purchased it from said that he didn't want the unending amount of notoriety? Well, whatever, who knows. But what I most take from Dr. Wu is the 3 hp. blender and the notion of blending fresh rosemary or basil along with what you want as far as veggies.

    I believe in the blender and don't for a second believe the juice is anything but highly nutritious and alive.

    But also, if juicing isn't your thing, imagine cooking the juice as a soup. A drinkable hot broth. I make the BEST soup because I base it with the blender. Now I can get my youngin to eat onions and celery because you can't see it, poof it's gone and just the most delectable broth that I cook with meat and "acceptable" veggies!

  17. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    Bumping for now
  18. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    I am considering buying a juicer or a blender. I saw a demonstration of the Vita Mix blender and it seemed awesome. I also like the idea of eating the fiber/pulp. fiber is good for us in so many ways.
    We shall see. If I do get one I will post on how I like it.
  19. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Before reading this post this morning, I had thought that the Green Power juicer I have made the ultimate juice with all the good stuff. So I decided to start taking a new look at juicer vs blender. That's what I've been doing all day long today!!!!

    Now I'm dead tired and probably going to forget half the points I wanted to make but from what I can tell, the whole food is much better than the juice. Just saying it like that should have given me a clue before. We've all heard about how "whole" foods are much better.

    I must have looked at 50 websites today, at least. From what I can tell, it's mostly people selling the juicers that keep talking about enzymes. Mercola and a couple others talked about the blender maybe destroying enzymes. But the phytochemicals which are in the juice, pulp, skins and seeds are the most important part of the food, from what I can tell. They are the "anti-aging" and disease fighting nutrients of the plant and that's what people with cancer are after, particularly.

    So if you have a juicer, don't discard the pulp. Eat it with another recipe or make it into some kind of treat with a dehydrator. I've read in several places people try to put it back in the juice but that's horrible to drink.

    The "atom smashers" appear to include everything, possibly at the sacrifice of some enzymes, but I'm still not sure. Even if the enzymes are somewhat compromised, if you discard the pulp you are throwing too many important chemicals away, including fiber. People with really poor digestion may benefit from the lack of fiber for awhile because the juice will be alot easier to digest and if done for a short while, it will help their digestive systems heal with less to digest.

    The only problem is the sugar issue. Fruit, carrots and beets juiced will load your blood instantly with alot of sugar so either juice a small amount at a time or you will need to eat the pulp to slow the sugar absorption into your blood. And, incidentally, sugar supposedly feeds cancer.

    There are a couple of other blenders that have a couple extra features like blending dry ingredients well without extra attachments and a sealed control panel, the K-Tec and the Blendtec. I'll probably go with one of those rather than the Vitamix 5000. Plus they're a few inches shorter and my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp. If there are 2 people in it and one of them is a clutz, you get poked in the eye everytime.

    Also, juicing is a helpful transition from the SAD diet to raw foods in a blender. If you are in the habit of eating junk and you go straight to blending whole raw foods all the time, you will get very sick. I've been doing mostly vegetarian and juicing and I abandoned "yummy" food a long time ago, so I know I can do it without suffering if I'm careful.

    I came across some hardcore, raw food websites and message boards and the hardcore, raw only people say blenders are the way to go. The main drinks are green smoothies and the 3hp blenders are the best for getting the phytochemicals and antioxidants out of fruits and veggies. There are still phytochemicals in the fiber and juicing doesn't break open the fiber like the "atom smashers". The hardcore people didn't even mention being concerned about enzymes.

    Here's an article that talks about phytochemicals and blending and they say everyone is different in what foods will work for them based on yin/yang balance. Oh oh, starting to get too complicated for my brain tonight! It's not very long:


    I'm sorry, Kombucha, I may have even repeated things you've already said but I'm too darned tired to go back and read any more tonight. I'm spent! But I learned alot today, thanks again.

    Sorry this is so broken up and disorganized but I read too much today and my brain is starting to shut down. I'm sure you know what I mean!


  20. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    Good work/post.

    Enzymes shmenzymes. The Westin Price website will tell you, raw fish, meat, eggs but especially FERMENTED foods are teeming with enzymes if you want enzymes. Raw vegeatables not so much.

    I'm doing something new---WINE SAUERKRAUT. I could never get my sauerkraut to come out how I like with salt. And I've done perfectly in the past with Kombucha, yogurt and Kefir, beet kvas--what is my problem with sauerkraut I have NO idea. But I read that you can make wine sauerkraut. So to a big mason jar I add shredded cole slaw mix (after having bashed the package with a can of food to break down cell walls some), I smash it down into a large mason jar, I poured white wine to just cover the cabbage, and fill a small jelly mason jar with water and close the small water filled jelly jar with its lid and place inside/on top of the sauerkraut to weigh down. I learned later the first day to put the whole thing inside another container or plate with sides, because the jelly jar weighs it down and wine keeps coming over the top. It's been a couple of days and won't be ready to try until tomorrow, but I love to share new discoveries. I'll do a seperate post on this if it comes out yummy.

    What could be simpler. But really for enzymes check out ferments or raw protein folks.


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