Oxycodone for Migraines....

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals for ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia' started by KirstyE, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. KirstyE

    KirstyE Member

    Is anyone else on this? My GP has had me on it for a couple of months now as it seems to be the only thing that keeps my migraine's at bay.... obviously I can't be on this forever, has anyone tried anything else less potent that's worked with bad migraine's?

    Many thanks!
  2. KirstyE

    KirstyE Member

    Thank you. I have written a few things down from the forum today to take along to my doctor appointment tomorrow. I will update with how I go :)
  3. FibroJune

    FibroJune Member

    You could also try omegas and turmeric to bring down body inflammation along with the grape seed. Inflammation from the tightness my husband gets makes his even worse.
    Have you tried going to a chiropractor or acupuncture for them? They both have been able to help a lot of people that suffer from them.
  4. KirstyE

    KirstyE Member

    Thank you Fibro June :)
  5. FibroJune

    FibroJune Member

    Wondering how things went with the Dr. Kirsty. I forgot an herb that my husband's oncologist and his wife have used that has helped both of them. It's by Ridge Crest and it's name is Migraine Relief.
  6. phomp

    phomp Member

    Kristy, I didn't get all that much help when I had migraines. My grandmother had migraines and fibromyalgia (in those days they really didn't know what FM was). She told me that when I reached old age they would go away saying she understood as we get older our veins relax and no more migraines. I had them so bad (raising 3 kids), getting them at least twice a month and lasting 3 days. On either side of those 3 days I was not dong well. About the time mine were going away (in my 50's) my doctor gave me a new migraine medicine. For me it worked like a charm but then again the headaches were on there way out. The medicine is Maxalt-MLT 5 mg . I wish that medication would have been there for me while raising kids and all the other things I did. My fibromyalgia was very bad about age 40 and still is. I hope you are young and that this med works for you!

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