Oxycodone immediate release tables, question

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  1. hagardreams

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    My doctor gave me a script for oxycodone immediate release tablets to go along with my percocet, but never really told me how or when I could take them.

    I have tried to read about them online, but cant find much on it.

    My biggest question is how far apart should I take them? Can they be taken within 2 hours, 4 hours, ect. I just do not know much about these.

    I take my percocets every 6 hours as of right now. They are 10.650 mgs and the immediate release are only 5mgs.

    Hope someone can help.

    Thanks!!! J.R.

    P.S. Since they do not have tylenol in them like the percocets, would it effect it if I took them with 2 hours?
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  2. KatKaren

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    Your doctor should have written directions on how to take the immediate release oxycodone on your prescription and the pharmacist should have printed those directions on the label of your prescription bottle. I would strongly suggest you call either your doctor or the pharmacist who filled your prescription and ask them exactly how often you should take them, how far apart, etc.

    If the directions on your Rx bottle say to take them "as needed," I suspect your doctor gave them to you for breakthrough pain. If that's the case, then you should only take them at times when the Percocet is not providing enough pain relief and they shouldn't be taken on a regular basis like you take your Percocet.

    As for how soon you could take an immediate-release oxycodone after taking a Percocet, I'd be hesitant to say. Something like that needs to come from your doctor because a number of different things can influence the timing that is best for you.

    I'm sorry I can't be more specific but when it comes to opioids (narcotics), you just can't be too careful. It's far too easy to overdose if you take more than your body can handle.

    I hope you're able to get your questions answered quickly and the new medication gives you good pain relief. – Karen
  3. IanH

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    5mg is not a high dose but nevertheless should not be re-taken within 4 hours.
    They are not good for breakthrough pain if you have typical opiate side effects such as nausea and vertigo, otherwise OK. Ask your pharmacist or doctor, they should have given instructions, at least on the bottle.

    Be careful in the long term (more than six months) as opiates are contraindicated long term for fibromyalgia.