Oxycodone VS Oxcycotin??? Help!

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    I am looking for some imput on Oxycondone VS Oxcycotin? Dose one work better then the other, which was gives you the best releaf etc.? I am taking the Oxcycotin 10mg. twice a day now and to tell you the truth, it works but within a couple of hours I start hurting again? With the Oxcycotin I have to take Vicodone 7/750 in the afternoon and it's been about two weeks that I started the Oxcycotin and I finde I have to take more of the Vicodone and that is what I wanted to avoid, I told my doctor just give me what ever is going to work and what ever I dont have to take alot of, I hate the fact that I wake up, take the Oxcycotin,stomach pill, Xanax,Efexor, off to work, then mid morning im taking two Vicodone and then when I get home I do the same I did in the morning and then Xanax and Zanaflex before bed, im tired to death of all these pills!!! Any advise, I have to see my doctor again soon for yet, more refills, and if I can find less of something that works good id like to bring it up to her???
    thanks for listening.
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    I think oxycotin is best for the long term relief of pain. There is less side effects and it doesn't have Tylenol in it which can cause problems if you take it a lot. I don't think twice a day is enough though. I take it every six to eight hours. Vicodin is better for headaches though.
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    The best pain relief I've had so far with a medication. I take 2 of the 10mg in the morning and I'm pretty much good to go for the rest of the day. I'm directed to take another at night but that usually just makes me feel all jittery and sick. You just might need a higher dose. Oxycontin comes in many mg doses. 10, 20...even up to 80 I think. I had to argue with some nasty (insert insulting name here___) secretary at my Doc's office because I needed a refill of my meds and I didnt' give them 24 hours notice. (Nobody ever told me I needed to do that. And hell I can barely remember to put the juice back in the refrigerator after pouring a glass much less remember to call in when my pills get low!)

    I just can't imagine a day without oxycontin anymore. It has made my pain so easy to manage. I'm still stiff and achey much of the time..but nothing to really complain about. I can walk around and go up and down the stairs to do laundry...could never have done that before Oxycontin! Vicodin was never that great for me. It left me more stoned than pain-free which is soooo not what I needed. I'd suggest talking to your doc about changing your dosage?
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    When I started with the pain meds a little over a year ago, my Doc gave me Oxycodone and it did not seem to help me at all. He then put me on Percocet, it worked good but it made me really drowsy. He then put me on Oxycontin, it worked really good and it even gave me a little pep!! However if I took it late in the day I could not sleep! We discussed what my options were and he told me he could give me Oxycontin for the morning and early afternoon and Percocet for late afternoon and evenings. This worked really well and I kept taking more and more of them and I did not like it. We discussed it more and he thought we should try the Duragesic Pain Patches (Fentenol sp?). This has been the best thing that has happened since this began!! I have went from 25mcg to 50mcg to 75mcg and now I am at 100mcg and I take very few pills now. If I over do it one day the next day I may have to take one of the pain pills. The routine is still Oxycontin in the early part of the day and Percocet in the evenings. I highly recommend the pain patches, but I would always take the Oxycontin over the Oxycodone!! You may want to ask your Doc about the patches!!
    The biggest problem with them is I sweat terribly bad and I have to use tape to keep it on, you change it every three days and when you get used to it you never know it is on.
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    Thank you all so much for listening to me, I hate being so new at all this and sometimes when I walk into the doctor im not sure if she thinks im for really or not, I tell her all the time I do tons of research and I always walk in there from something I have pulled off the internet! I think I will how ever give a call today and see what she thinks about uping the mg.? I dont see her again till the 17th but run out of my pills the 13th and I know this is something that can not be called in, you have to go and pick up the RX! I'll let you all know what she thinks!! I hope you all had a great weekend!
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    Memory shortage is my name. It took me forever to learn this thing pills ending in one are short acting and pills ending in ontin are long acting. oxycodone,oxycontin - There is also a whole bunch of names for the vicodin's they start off at vicodin which is based on how much tylenol is added then they change names as they go up in dosage, like you can get 5/750 7/375 10/350 and they all have different names but they are the same drug but in different combinations. I think the other names or lorcet and lortab. Somehow this all makes sense to the pharmaceutical companies. That's why it's so hard to sort out.
    Now you have seen the inside of my brain and know how confused I really am, lol
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    Thank you for that break down, that helps out alot,I was taking Vicodone 7/750 two every 4-6 as needed and was not getting much releaf from that, now it is 10mg. Oxcycotion(spelling) twice a day and 1-2 Vicodone 7/750 in the afternoon, and that worked great for about 2 1/2 weeks and now it's almost as if im not taking anything any more and I dont want to take more Vicodone because my stomach is so bad, im on medacation for that already, so is my best bet to talk to my doctor and see what they say? and how do you bring that up with out sounding like you "want" and increase of medacation, I feel funny about that?
    thanks again for all the feed back and information.
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    i have been taking 20mg of oxycontin 2 x's a day for several months and in the past several weeks its been as if i am not taking anything..i saw my doc and told him something had to be done i am at the point of wondering if i can continue working as a prison nurse due to the pain....we talked for a long time and i told him another narcotic was not really what i wanted to do....he then said to try neurontin 300mgs 2 x's a day and if need be i could double that.....well it has only been 5 days but today at work i felt like a new person......i still had discomfort but not the intense pain i had been living with for so long...needless to say at this point i am happy with 20mg of oxycontin and 300mgs of neurontin 2 x's a day....i hope this will last for a long time.....it might be something you can discuss with your doc....i hope this will help
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