Oxycontin advice needed....Please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AlaSnoopy, May 16, 2003.

  1. AlaSnoopy

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    I have been in soooo much pain forever....no matter what my doctor has given nothing has ever made me pain free in over a year and a half. At Christmas time he wanted to put me on Oxycontin and I wouldn't go on it cuz I had heard so many bad things, well I gave in this time I just can't handle the pain any more. I woke up on Mother's Day and couldn't even get out of bed! As embarrassing as this, I almost wet the bed cuz the first thing I have to do when I wake up is always pee and I couldn't move I was in sooooo much pain! I also have a neurlogical problem besides Fibro! So my doctor put me on 10 mg of Oxy at times I ALMOST think I don't have pain, but then it comes back with a vegence. I know its time released, but my question is does it build up in your systems or should I just call the doctor and tell him I need a stronger dose? I have read some but not all of your notes, with the fog rolling in I and the fact that my doctor does leave early on Fridays I thought it might be better to post. Thanks for answering! Love the Southern Snoopy!
  2. JLH

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    Neurotin? I was recently put on it, and it has helped my overall pain level tremendously!!!

    I would rather try it than get hooked on Oxy.
  3. AlaSnoopy

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    JLH...never heard of Neurotin...he just put me on Oxycontin Wednesday....Madwolf...My average pain level is an 8..Mothers Day was a 10..the only reason I didn't go to the Hospital was I was home alone! I wouldn't call an ambulance for myself, I knew I wasn't dying, so I just dealt with it! When I'm on the pain medication it eases to prob a 7, and it doesn't matter 2 hours latter it still is a 7, it might going down to a 4 but never for more than say an hour...it says on my prescription to take one pill a day or every 12 hours. They are suppose to be time released. Thanks for answering.
  4. Manwithfibro

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    The people that have become addicted have crushed it, snorted it etc. Also, many were NOT even in pain.

    This is the BEST chronic pain drug out there. Ultram makes you vomit. My only thing is that if you are flaring, no drug can help me.

    I take 20mg oxy at one time and have had zero side effects.
    It takes edge off as long as I am not in flare.
  5. allhart

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    when i was taking 10 mg of oxy i also needed percocet for the brake threw pain,
    talk to your dr he may give you a higher dose or give you sometimething for brakethrew pain.
  6. Lynda B.

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    ...that a doc always start off with the lowest. In this case the lowest is 10 mg. It is widely accepted that a patient usually needs a higher dosage to cover the pain. So, YES, let your doc know what is happening. That let's him/her know what is going on. Especially the part about how long the oxy works. I even went to an every 8 our shedule at one point. They also have the ability to give you 1/3 of the original extended release oxycontin dose for breakthru pain. I am sure of this.

    Please, communicate with the doctor. I am absolutely sure this is the protocol. I read the knew the protocol well at one point. Go for it and good luck.

    Lynda B.
  7. outraged

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    Hi HiRiskRN!

    Thanks for your previous post regarding the 10mg Oxycontin dosage!!
    Although I understand that patients who are not opioid tolerant need to be titrated slowly, 10mg of Oxycontin is, indeed, a very low dose. And I feel that if your goal is to provide patients with adequate pain relief than the physician needs to be realistic.
    It is this very conservative approach that has left me to suffer many times, (even after I advised my physician that I had been treated with much higher dosages of Oxycontin with no side effects and/or symptoms of abuse or addiction), only to be increased to a higher dosage later anyway.
    I've been dealing with this pain for 8 years now and conservative dosages and/or inadequate pain relief has resulted in four suicide attempts. Inadequate pain relief is a very serious issue and should be treated as such.

    God Bless,

  8. momkatmax

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    I think that there is an extended release form of oxycontin. Ask your doc. And by the way of encouragement don't be afraid of the pain meds. Your body might experience symptoms if you stop a med abruptly. It sounds as if you are cautious and will watch your reactions to see if you psychologically begin to want the medication. The thing that bothers me as well the pain med begins to wear off in effectiveness over a year. My doc also said that I wait too long until the pain is bad to take the pain med. (vicodin 5mg 500mg of tylenol) That is hard for me since in the back of my mind I want to see if it is not going to be a bad one.

  9. Fawn

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    I honestly have gone from 100mg. of oxycontin (I am very opioid tolerant), and since I started getting some bad side-effects, the doctor put me on the pain patch.. Duragesic. To me, it was a God-send! I was on 100 micrograms of the patch. After you start taking 10 mg. of oxycontin, your body will "crave" more for the same pain relieving affect, and the doctor will hopefully raise it by 10mg's. I am trying to wean off the narcotics and it is so very hard. If 10mg. does it for you, then stay at that as long as possible. I believe (I may be wrong) that the higher and higher you go on dosing, it is MUCH harder to wean off later on. YES! All opiate narcotics eventually builds up in your system. Be very careful, I know narcotics help me tremendously, but getting off them is he**. Hope this helped.
  10. AlaSnoopy

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    Thanks everyone for the info and the support! I called the family the doctor who handles my pain meds and he wants me to try to handle this with two doses a day and I'm going to see what my surgeon has to say hopefully we will know if I'm going to have surgey or not. Hopefully they will tell me on Monday. The family doctor really wants to send me to a Pain Clinic but if I'm going to have surgery I don't want to go a Pain Clinic right now. So hopefully the surgeon will give be good news on Monday. Cross your fingers. Snoopy

    LITEFLAMES New Member

    Hi snoppy,
    I Also have been in horrable pain for yr"s,{Finaly Got back to my famialy Dr, She couldn't beleave how back i looked .Anyway we started on 10 mg oxxi, it worked ONE day ,Then the pain was Back,{I Couldn't beleave it,
    Well now i'm up to -30 in morning --30 at night, My Dr said Wear using it for Pain pervention (spelling)
    So thus far it has worked well,
    I dont like Any pill's ,when i got the oxxi ,IT Set in my cubard for day's ,(im in recovery) So it scared us all,But I will say (90 percent of pain is gone ,I still Get what we call, breack throw pain, but , Dont beleave for a minute , it work's for 12 hr's for me it didn't,, 4 hr's in I would be in pain againe ,hear in OH, the Dr can only give it twice a day , So as I said we addjusted my dose ,
    Will I need moor Who know's, I'm just trying to get on w/ my life
    Good luck cindy
  12. garyandkim

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    You will build a tolerance after time, each person is different, our PMdoc says every 6-9 mons on average. I use only the Oxyir's. Gary is on 160 mgs 3 x's pd. plus he takes Actiq, and Ir's. We don't get high at all. Never did just great relief for us. We do take other meds to and have a few medical probles besides FMS and CFS. We bought a safe to keep ours in and not even our older boys can move it. We have 5 boys 26-4 years.

    Good luck, Kim and Gary