oxycontin does it help the pain?any prob with taking it?

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  1. arod59_2

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    my doc put me on percodan but im having prob with the asprin an can't take tylenal either, so i was wondering if oxycontin works well? i thought since its the same med without the asprin or tylonal it might be better for me,an did anyone have a prob getting the doc to let you have it? dora
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    I'm bumping this up for you as I would like some info on this also.

    If you have the energy, you may want to do a search on this site. I've seen Oxycontin mentioned many times, so I'm sure a search will get good results.

    Take care
  3. smoke

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    I have taken this for 8-10 months. I feel it is a very good for pain, it has helped me. It makes me feel like doing something instead of making me drowsy. I began taking it by itself and then my Dr wanted me to try the Duragesic Patch (he started with 25 mcg and worked up to the 100 mcg) and I take oxycontin for breakthrough pain, which is not very often. It is different for everyone but I like it because it seems to give me energy, in the late afternoon I use Percocet for the breakthrough pain so I can go to sleep easier.

  4. Iggy_RN

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    give you more energy instead of making you tired... it is a great med... one very important thing, constipation!!! make sure you start taking care of this before you go on this med!!! I have had severe constipation, if I do not take something, like a stool softener, or whatever... Ive heard of miramax, I am going to ask my doc for it tomorrow... good luck , Blessings, Iggy
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    I started on Duragesic which helped a lot with the pain 50mg patches but I itched like CRAZY, to the point where I couldn't stand it so I tried the Oxy and it worked very well. I have been taking it for about 4 months now. I am up to 40 in the am and 80 in the pm and I am dealing with bad constipation now as per my thread Horrible Constipation. ;) I didn't have it in the beginning cause I started doing things right away. My gastro doctor recommended to me in the beginning Citrucel and Colace everyday which is what I'm doing now but its not strong enough for this dose I think I need to ask for prescriptions now like Miralax or Kristalose.
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    Whatever you do, do not cut the pill in half or crush it -- it destroys the time-released effect and can be very dangerous! Drug addicts do this to it in order to get really high (or whatever their need is). I have a neighbor who is a druggie and did this--he ended up in ICU on a respirator and almost died.

    This is a highly potent painkiller and can become addictive. Make sure your pain is really bad enough to take something this strong. I know our pain is bad, but is it bad enough to take this?

    My father was put on oxy right before he had his leg amputated--when his foot and leg were dying and rotting (kinda gross, I know)--but this is REAL pain. The oxy only releived his pain for a week before he consented to have the amputation.

    If you get your body used to such a powerful pain reliever now, when you REALLY need it--after surgery and such--it won't help as much because your body will have built up a tolerance to it. Just think it over. If you have to take it, try it maybe for just a short time until you can find another way to lessen your pain. OK for a short time, but I certainly wouldn't take it long time. I, too, am in pain daily from the fibro, severe arthritis, and some very serious back problems.
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    I dont know your case, you should talk to your doc to see if your right for oxy.
    I have been taking oxy 40mgs in morning 40mgs at night,in between i take oxy IR 5mgs for breakthrou pain.
    Prior to taking this oxy, i was on vicodin every 6 to 8 hrs.....doc switched it. I had been taking the vics so long that he was concerned about livwer damage ect.

    I can tell you that taking the oxy(my personal opion)has helped have a better quality of life.Which means so much.
    The only bad thing ive seen about the oxy is the price.My doc has help me in that he got the paper work for me so that i could sigh up for assstince to pay for this med. Befor i got the help to pay for this, it cost me 250.00 a month just for the 60 a month supply. Since ive gotten this help he did up the dosage for me.
    I hope this will work out for you.
  8. artisticweb42

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    I have seen a couple of post here saying that it is addictive. Yes, it is very addictive. It is a very popular street drug. Please look into other pain releiving options before taking this.

    I think we need to look for more natural pain releif options. FMS is a lifelong problem. I don't want to take those heavy duty, addictive pain meds all my life.

    We need to be as healthy as possible and rid or bodies of toxins. I think those kinds of meds are worse for us in the long run.

    Water exercise classes, stretching, massage and ice has helped me. And also watching my intake of high starchy carbs.

    I know some people have intense pain, and I don't want to see anyone suffer, just be careful what you take, ask lots of questions and know the side effects and long term effects.
  9. LABullard1212

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    After trying numerous painkillers for my fibro, my Pain Management doctor put me on 40mg of oxycontin, 3 times a day. It certainly killed the pain, but it also affected my brain function. I fell or lost my balance easily. Suffered 3 concussions in a year. On came with a black out, followed by amnesia. My daughter and husband who found me at 4 a.m. wandering around my apartment. My ironing board in front of my oven ( I never put it in the kitchen) I was talking, but making no sense. I have no memory of it, except a few days later, the side of my head hurt and I remembered the ironing board. I passed out frequently. Luckily, at home, on the couch, but for my family to describe it, I can't imagine what it must have done to them. I knew I had to get off of it when I was luckily alone, eating thanksgiving leftovers and I passed out with my face going right in my plate! I was given the choice of going to rehab. to go off the oxycontin or ween myself off, which I did, and have not been on anything close to such a strong naurcotic since. I've struggled with alot of pain, but as my daughter told me recently, after I got clean, my I.Q. went back up 30 points.
  10. reva727

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    Wow! 40 Mg three times a day? I take 10 mg 4 times a day (20mg at bedtime) It makes the pain tollerable but doesn't do away with it completely. As for being addictive, I've taken it for over a year and a half and sometimes on good days I forget to take my pill. If it was addictive, would I do that?
  11. Iggy_RN

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    only 10 mgs 2xs a day, which is the lowest dose possible. Iggy
    I think 120 mg a day to start out this med with is quite extreme. I too, do not take it all the time only as needed. Blessings, Iggy[This Message was Edited on 08/18/2003]
  12. tandy

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    For those of you's who take this or have tried other meds for pain~ I'm into 8 years on darvecet for pain(prescribed by my Rhuemy for FM) I took 2 before I sat down at the computer tonight and I am still very uncomforable,all over body aches. Tomorrow I have a appointment with my dr.and I planned on telling her I need something stronger~ Is this oxycontin way stronger than darvecet??? I don't want something thats gonna knock me for a loop....I just want a step up or two from darvs. really.....I hate to feel dizzy,lightheaded...or slurring my words!!!LOL Whats in between??(if this one is way strong). I need to know what to ask for....
    Thanks~ :)
  13. LPreston123

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    Hi. My partner, Lisa, started taking Oxycontin about 3 years ago, before there was so much info about people abusing it. The warning to only swallow it whole is correct. Here MD at the time put her on it to get her off the Vicodin, because while both are very addictive, the Oxy doesn't usually give folks a "high" like Vicodin and other pain meds like it.

    It works better than the Vicodin, but without insurance we couldn't afford it. It is quite expensive here in CA. Once when her MD had to go out of town for a few days and forgot to write the script (it is a 3 part) she had terrible withdrawls for a day or 2 until he got back.

    It isn't a perfect drug, none really seem to be, but she couldn't function at all without it. So for now she keeps taking it.

  14. toots2

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    Oxycontin is highly addictive and here in Ky. is called "hillbilly heroin." It has been terribly abused om my state for the last couple of years. I took it myself but got off it soon realizing how addictive it was. Someone here said she was on l00 mg. of duralgesic patch, percoset and oxycontin too. I would worry about taking that much medication now. What is going to happen when you are older and need something stronger. Pain medication does loose its affect after a while. I would not worry if taking a very low dose. Also, constipation can be a horrible problem with this medication and another reason I stopped taking it. There are other medications out that are not quite as strong so maybe you should try them first to see how it goes. Good luck. Toots
  15. todayisagift

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    Decide if they want to deal with the pain or if they don't want to deal with the pain everyday. Some people also have different variations of fibro, my doctor has told me to my face a lot of the pain meds are not going to work for me, my pain is a lot more severe than others. I am a 22 year old that is trying to start a life. I am not going to live my life in pain. Unfortunately if you have taken other drugs such as Benzodiazepines, and opiates after surgeries it lowers your tolerance and then you need more, it's how it goes. I started at 20 in am and 20 in pm and I am up to 40 in am and 80 in pm. I was waking up not being able to move my legs they hurt so bad as well as my wrists and shoulder. I watched True Life on MTV I'm hooked on Oxycontin. They also showed the lives of people that need it. A little boy has a muscular problem in which he can't function or get out of bed without it, it's been a miracle for many people. People just need to be informed about the possible dependency issue, my dr. told me doctors have biases against pain meds and it's ridiculous because they refuse to help people or will hold back. I'm glad I have a doctor like him
  16. toots2

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    And try getting off of it after taking it for a while. I went through horrible withdrawals when decididing to stop the medication. Had terrible sweating, nausea and felt horrible for weeks. Was in and out of the bathtub all day from freezing to death. I looked like a zombie. I was on l00 mgs. a day, way too much for most pain.
  17. fibrodoll

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    I am on 20mg twice a day, it has really made a difference. Will probably increase to 30mg next doc appt. and hold at that for awhile.

    All this talk about it being bad really gets me. Everyone has different reactions to meds. I have been trying to get pain relieve for a couple of years and this is the first med that has actually helped me.

    Most other pain meds will mess with the liver and oxy doesn't. I wish everyone could get educated about the effects that medications have on the body. Valerie.