oxycontin for daily migraines?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by blessedwith5, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. blessedwith5

    blessedwith5 New Member

    has anyone been prescribed oxycontin for daily migraines?
    since my preventative and abortive therapies all fail,my neurologist says this is the next step.
  2. florenceb

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    I don't know the answer to your question. I have had monthly migraines for over 20 years. I would like to say that this is one method of treatment I have not heard about. However, I would not hesitate to try it if nothing else works. I am sure there is info out there somewhere. Is this the "addictive" stuff that used to get stolen from drug stores? I think addicts injected it which is DIFFERENT that taking a pill. I tried over 50 medicines, pain block shots. As I approach menopause they are much better. But I also found a dr. (obgyn) who has NO problem giving me fioricette. I wish the "top five" headache specialist in the country would have given it to me YEARS ago... Just my luck: there is now a Migraine Center 5 minutes from my house; they are experimenting with botox. Good luck;I really feel for you..........
  3. alonebutnotlonely

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    I take oxycontin, 20mg 3x day, for pain (including severe headaches). I have FMS and it has taken the edge off of the pain. It was prescribed by my neurologist.

    It IS the stuff that was being stolen from drug stores and also what Rush Limbaugh got into trouble with. Since I take it as a maintenence drug and don't abuse it, I don't get "high" from it. It ought to help with your migraines.

    Dee A.H.
  4. JLH

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    therapies been antidepressants? They help a lot of my friends who get a lot of headaches.

    Also, have you had a CAT scan or MRI of your neck and shoulders? I did and it showed all kinds of stuff going on which contribute towards my headaches and daily neck/back/shoulder pain.
  5. hanna28

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    I am not a docotr by any means however I would strongly suggest a second medical opinion on that prescription! I have been getting migraines for 15 years - sometimes spending 12 or more days a month in a dark isolated room. I have been on every migraine med that's out there. My doctor is on a migraine research board. He has never put me on oxycontin though. Also, my sister was on oxycontin for an accident a few years ago (doctor prescribed and never took more than as directed by her dr) and now she goes to rehab every day of her life and has been for two years and still has a year to go before she is done with her daily trips. All because she couldn't get off the stuff. I would watch her sweat, vomit, shake, etc trying to deal without the doctor prescribed oxycontin that her body so desired. She was only taking it for a couple of months too and it has affected years of her life. I would be very cautious of that drug.
  6. DrewTN

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    My Topomax finally stopped working after a while. I am now on Oxycontin 20mg 2x a day for daily headaches.
  7. mermaid01

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    Good morning,I have read through all the posts and have a couple comments. I too am on oxicontin, I've been on it for over 4 years. I took myself down from 20 mgs 2x & 30mg at bedtime. Now taking 10, 10 30 bedtime. I didn't have any trouble with reducing mg. I think that this drug like any drug works differently on different people. I have a great Rheumy (sp?) and he told me that you can become dependent like a person who has diabetis, but the chance of becoming an addict is remote if taken as prescribed. I'm not discounting the messages that indicated that they did become dependent so I think we all have different reactions. I do get a little scared when I read about someone becoming addicted on oxi. Oxicontin is different from other narcotics in that they are time released and you don't get the up & down feeling when taking codiene. It does help but I am still in a great deal of pain everyday and night. This is a terrible syndrome, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

    Thanks all for all your posts they are all worthwhile reading and we need different points of view.

    Ok, now about headaches (migraines) I too had them all my life. A few years ago a med came out called Maxalt RPD, I take 5mg. It stops those headaches immediately. Someone mentioned that since they are getting older the headaches are coming less and less. I will pass along what my doc told me; as we get older our vains and other bodyparts become relaxed so the migraine can't get a toe hold, thus less migraines. My grandmother told me that too. She had them along with fm. I hope my experience will help someone.
  8. kb101

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    I take Frova, one of the growing number of Triptan medications made specifically to treat migraines.
    Not all migrainers do well with all of the triptans.
    A Doctor has to first know the whole range of those meds and second be willing to help the patient find the right medication.
    Frova is for very long lasting migrains, the kind that go on for days, and it also handles auras which are tough
    to handle.
    I used to get Fiorecet which is a great migraine med, but
    then there came the medical awareness of those rebound headaches for which Fiorecet is famous.
    Kinda sad when the cure adds to the problems.
    I know how bad migraines can be and I hope you find the
    right medication for relief.
  9. hubby

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    Rush gave oxycontin such a diservice. He was on so big a dose as much as 80 many times a day. that is way too high in addition to other pain meds. I take 20 mg 3 times a day and it has been almost 3 yrs. I got my life back, nothing else, no high, nothing, it just helped me cope and get oout of bed more. It was not complete control but I donot expect that. Good luck.

  10. jgcd11

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    I, too, suffered from right sided migraines for many months to no avail. On everything. Made me crazy. I finally changed neurologists and he put me on an old drug "Inderal" with in two days the migraines subsided and didn't have one for 6 months. I was taking them once in the am and once before bed when I first started. Now only one at bedtime. I did get a migraine after the six months that he increased the Inderal to twice a day until it went away and now back to bedtime only. I also have a medication called Micquin for breakthrough headache pain that works in an hour or so. I can't be more happier to be off narcotics. Inderal's generic name is Propranolol. Ask you doctor and see what he says. Let me know. Hope this helps. jgcd11