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    Dear fellow sufferers of cfs and fms. I do enjoy so getting newsletters from this site it helps me to understand further the complications we all have with this condition . I have suffered with fms, & cfs for over 10 years now. Am a patient at a very outstanding pain clinic were they have precrobed me oxycotin 2 -3 times a day and it have helped some what also some on daily basis which helps also, i beleive it helps pain as well as nausea, but also allows the mind a retreat of sorts from consintrating on my pain. I do have questions how ever so here they are . I have had to have two diferent rotor cuff surgeries last year. neccassary because i los the use of my hands. How everI still suffer with trouble with cervical area my left shoulder as well as a new sysntom of a pinced nerve flair up of my hip joint on left side prominently.So i have a few complications however i never had this sort of hip flair ups till this past few years sometimes unable to walk and need assistance do any others of you have this same trouble and can anyone explain why or what else i can do for confort on my bad days , the only solution ive found so far is the er room where they then give me 2-3 mg of diladid but then that only helps for a while. I would appreciate any advise fromm this group you can reach me thru here or at my home pg savage49404@yahoo.com ty and gods speed to all