Oxycontin Reason Why Doctors so Afraid

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    I believe drugs like Oxycontin are very useful for many of us. Sadly, the small minority (like in the article below), get too much attention. It makes doctors afraid to prescribe it and gives a bad connotation to those who use it.

    OxyContin Maker Settles with Insurer
    June 15, 2006

    Purdue Pharma has settled a civil lawsuit with its insurer over costs stemming from hundreds of lawsuits involving the painkiller OxyContin, company officials said.

    Steadfast Insurance Co., a unit of Zurich Insurance Co. of Switzerland, had sued Stamford-based drug maker Purdue Pharma in 2001 over the legal costs. The companies confirmed a confidential settlement had been reached, but would not discuss details.

    "It has been settled. There will be no trial,' said Tim Bannon, an attorney for Purdue Pharma.

    Purdue Pharma has resolved more than 400 lawsuits in its favor, but still has 1,380 lawsuits pending in state and federal courts around the country related to OxyContin, Bannon said.

    In the lawsuit, Steadfast and Purdue officials disputed who had the right to hire the attorneys. Steadfast objected to fees paid to attorneys hired without its consent.

    OxyContin was initially hailed as a breakthrough in the treatment of severe chronic pain when it was introduced in 1996. Abuse of the drug, however, has become a problem in recent years after users discovered that crushing the time-release tablets and snorting or injecting the powder yields an immediate, heroin-like high.

    Purdue Pharma, a privately held company, has been sued for its marketing of OxyContin.

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    Civil lawsuits like these are disgusting. It takes a certain amount of audacity to abuse a drug then sue the manufacturer! Where is the responsibility of the abuser?

    For every abuser who chooses to crush, snort, or do whatever to ingest this drug, I'm sure there are 20 legitimate pain patients who find it darn close to impossible to get a legitimate prescription.

    As an aside: after a recent surgery, I was prescribed OxyContin but I've avoided taking it except for those days when I get dressing changes (extreme pain days). While this drug definitely helps with pain, it makes me feel REALLY stupid.

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