Oxycontin Thank You's

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheshi16, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. Sheshi16

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    Hi girls...Thanks again!!!Jeanna, Fay and Carol.
    I am now wondering what the difference is between oxycontin and oramorph......is it codein vs. morphine?

    Thanx again xoxoxoxoxoxo((((((((((())))))))))))

  2. jeanderek

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    Hi Shelli,

    I am not sure what oramorph is but Oxycontin actually has the same ingredient as percocet or lortab, its Oxycodone but in oxycontin the medication is time released which gives you longer relief without having to pop so many pills in a day. Also the oxycontin doesnt include any other drugs such as tylenol or asprin so its better tolerated over a long period of time. I was taking Morphine for a while 15mg time released but wasnt getting any relief of pain so my pain doctor put me on the oxycontin which has been a life saver. I take it with robaxin which is a muscle relaxer. I take the robaxin mainly at bedtime because most muscle relaxers make me sleepy. Hope this helps you out I am going to find out more about the oramorph.

  3. tandy

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    I just wanted to peek in and remind ya's of the pain patches~ I hear so much good of them!! I personally don't get them,I'd love too thou. I asked last week at my Drs appointment about them.My Dr. said the name of them and then said to me"Oh,I don't prescibe those...thats a narcotic"!! (stinking cheap-skate!) Frankly I don't care if its a narcotic or not!! I'm looking for pain relief period!! good luck to us all on getting some relief!