Oxycontin Withdrawl- HELP!!!!

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    Hi guys. I need a little help. My mother, who also has FMS/CFS, MS, & remission from cancer, is now going totally off her pain meds. She has been on Oxycontin for the past 5 years. A "friend" of hers stole a bunch of her meds and left her 9 days short. She went to the docs today begging for more, and was turned down. He said that he will not give her anything more that is addictive, not even Valium to help her through this. She went though this a couple of months ago for about three days and it was a nightmare. She couldn't eat, or even drink water. She said that she definatly wants to get off of them even though she is is terrible pain. And she refuses to go to rehab. I have done research on this and found out that Oxy withdrawl is worse than Heroin withdrawl. Has anyone else been through this or have known someone who has? I am really scared and I don't know how to help her. I wish that she would go into rehab. Any words of wisdom?

    Much love,
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    How can her doctors treat her in such a manner without offering to put her in hospital for slow withdrawal..I thought it was physically dangerous to go through withdrawal without help. If if were my mom, I would take her to another doc or hospital for help. No one should have to go through this by themselves. Also one more note... My only sister died in a car crash..her friend who was driving was on Oxycontin.
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    I would take her to the hospital. If she tells them all her conditions and that she is going through withdrawel and the reasons why , I don't see how they can refuse to treat her.
    There can be serious complications fron withdrawel.

    In the meantime if she is able I would suggesst frequent soaks in the tub and massage (gentle)

    You are all in my prayers.
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    Unfortunatly, docs wont refill scheduled drugs early (ususally), especially oxycontin early because of liability. You can mostly blame lawyers, prosecuters and Judges for all this.

    If she filed a report with the police because of the theft, maybe the dr would be more willing. Unfortunatly, it's a sticky situations. A friend would never steal anothers meds, especially if they were chronically ill. So that is bad news. She can go to the ER if need be. There are laws implemnted to help people in pain, unfortunalty case law trumps these laws half the time. It's medical/legal disaster. If she tell the dr she has post cancer pain and there is good documentation, there is little choice but to give her meds.

    Oxycontin withdrawl can be hell. depending on the dose she was on. Maybe a switch, to a long acting extended release Morphine (MSir) would help. Also, Narcan an opiod blocker may have some use, it also has some opiod and pain relieving qualities alone...I dont know alot about withdrawl from opiods. The process of withdrawl should be gradual however. And if need be seek another doc ASAP. Don't
    hesitate to go the ER, just bring ALL the documentation you have and explain the situation.
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    I am taking clonidine now for withdrawals off of morphine, here at home, and it really helps. It is a med for high blood pressure but many doctors advise using clonidine for withdrawal symptoms, although be careful!!! Your blood pressure can really take a dive, so if you get dizzy, call the doctor right away. When getting up from a chair or bed, do it very slowly. Hope this helps.
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    First of all let me tell you how sorry I am that your mother is having to experience this. I have been trough Oxycontin withdrawal several times due to ignorant doctors (not properly trained in pain management).
    I have had no other choice but to stop cold and it is the most painful thing I've ever had to deal with and I would not wish this on even my worst enemy! Sudden cessation of Oxycontin after 5 years of taking this medication is very serious, even with rehab. I have recently learned of a website where I can legally order hydrocodone online. It takes about 24 hours if you call early in the morning to start the process. By ordering the hydrocodone and slowly tapering your mother off of them, this will end the umbearable suffering and make it easier for your mother to get through. If you are interested in the website, email me @ kah_23@msn.com and I will give you the address.
    The worst of the withdrawal and pain will last for a minimum of three days.
    If your mother does not want to take any more pain medication and deal with the withdrawal (it's very very stressful on the body, not to mention emotionally), please encourage her to go to the hospital (er) and ask them to help her through the detoxification. Like I said, it is a very very difficult thing to try and do on your own. At least the hospital would be able to help her with the awful side effects and they are not fun.
    Hope this helps!

    God Bless and I will keep your mother in my prayers,

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    I went through withdrawals from Oxy also. It was horrible to say the least. I shook, threw up, had restless legs so bad it had blisters on my legs, couldnt even hold my own glass of water for a week. And I didnt sleep for 6 days. I had and still have diarehia, my heart beat went to 198/200!!! I was really bad. Another thing that will help is klonipin. But it sounds like they wont even give her that. Take her to the ER. They have to help with withdrawals and may even keep her to monitor her. I have stop taking many opiods and never have I has the symptoms I had when I stopped taking Oxy. It was true hell. It is probably a physical addiction so rehab could be useless to her, but a hospital has to help. Get a new doc and get rid of the so call friend! Tell her to keep her meds in a safe place where no one else knows where they are. Like her bedroom where know one else belongs. Turn in the person that stole her meds. Anyone who would steal meds from a really sick person really should be put away. Dont think about that persons feelings, did they think about your moms feelings when they took her meds? And how many other people are they going to steal from? Turn them in and tell the doc that you did so and youll have a better time getting help for your mother. Sis
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    On Friday, I brought my mom into the ER and they admitted her into detox. She is going through horrible withdrawl, depression, self-pity, and severe pain. They have her on Clonodine, Tylenol, Motrin, and anti-nausea and anti-diarreha meds, that's it!!! She is having such a hard time. She's saying that she is ashamed and that she is a addict. Bullsh**!!!!!! I am so furious with her doctor and her "friend". The nurses say that they will not let her go home until she has some sort of game plan. She will ne meeting with counslers and the pain clinic there at the hospital. Please send lots of prayers her way. She really needs it. I will keep you all up to date. Thanks for your suggestions and support!!

    Lots of love,
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    and hope she improves.

    I am sorry to hear about her cancer, but glad she is in remission.

    Oxy is for this type of pain (cancer).

    What I keep wondering is why, after everyone reading all of these horror stories about people's withdrawal, do people who are not cancer victims, or have some other life-threatening disease want to take this type of high-powered narcotic for their fibro?

    I am in as much daily pain as everyone else on this board, but I don't want to get myself into this type of situation described here. I want to safely be able to drive a car, which you can't if you are under the influence of narcotics.

    My mother-in-law has 3 fractures in her back. She was given oxycotin and her drug-addicted daughter stole them, too. Her doctor would not replace them either. Can you blame him? No. How does he know that they were actually stolen? He doesn't. For all he knows, she is lying and wants more to feed her habit. Too many druggies in this world. Doctors have heard every story in the book on why someone's pills need to be refilled early. You can't blame them for not believing your story. So, if your health is in danger due to withdrawals, you should, like everyone has said, go to the ER right away.

    Again, I am sorry to hear about your mother's cancer. I took care of my father who was in renal failure and on dialysis, then before he died, had his foot and leg amputated. Before having the amputations, he was in tremendous pain and was given oxy. I watched his pain, and then I felt guilty about conplaining about my pain. That is why I feel a lot of people are overmedicating themselves. If they live long enough, they will experience the withdrawal problems, too. I don't want to do that.
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    First, I am so sorry about your mum, I had xanax stolen in a hotel, so I know the drill with the pharmacy, doctor loop, but do not know anything of her pain. I would like to ask about some of the replies. One is what exactly was the pain, that one of you experienced, I sometimes wonder about leg pain. Two is someone mentioned that the withdrawal from oxycontin was the worst, could you tell me why? And three, that one person mentioned that they would never take pain meds just for this dx, I believe noone can know anothers pain and what factors are involved, I wish them well and hope they never require pain medication, but please believe there are many whose disease is in a stage that the pain is literally unbearable. Thanks for the help, and again I am so sorry for your mum.
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    Well, from the research that I have found, Oxycontin withdrawl is supposed to be as bad if not worse than Heroin withdrawl. I have taken Oxy myself during over- bearing pain times, and take Percocet regularly. No body has a right to put down anyone else for taking meds for relief. I never understood my mother taking those meds until I went through that high degree of pain myself. Today for example, I would havr given my right leg for an Oxy with the pain I was in. But some people can handle taking these meds better than others. My mother is a recovered alcoholic for 15 years and also from Cocaine. So, she has an addictive problem. I do not. I never have. I am too strong-willed. I do not take the heavy narcotics unless I need to. And in the last few months, I definatly have needed to. It is a tough call. I know that she is in excrusiating pain, yet she is an addict. Which is better?? To live your life while suffering and bed-ridden? Or to risk everything by taking the heavy drugs? Who knows? And i wish that we pain sufferers did not have to decide that.

    Much love,
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    I am just disgusted with her doc and her friend, makes me just sick & irate to imagine, I am praying for you both.

    Please turn in her friend, that is so low to do that.

    JLH you are so off base on the opiate comments, some of us have to have that level of pain relief, I take 60 mgs of morphine every 12 hours and all it does for me is relieve my pain and I still get incidental pain, it is not 100% effective and I drive all the time and I interract with people and you would never know from talking to me or looking at me that I am that medicated. I do not slobber like you think. People who need that much medication get relief, not stoned. I am sorry if I am overreacting to what you said but I get pretty defensive about the issue, I am so sick of people thinking that we do not need those kind of drugs, how in the hell do you or anyone else know how bad my pain level is??????

    I thank God I have a dr who listens to me and trusts me and I never, NEVER take more than my prescribed dose and that is what pain management is all about, treating the pain, nothing else. People without pain who would take my meds would be very stoned, I am not.

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    can keep going back. If she is taking it more then once per day I would devide what pills are left into those days. We have had to do that once when we lost the carring case with a weeks woth in it. It isn't great but, no with draw. Good luck, Kim and Gary
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    We are all in different stages of this DD and some of us have had terrible accidents on top of it. The level of pain we are in are different for all of us. Beleive me I broke my back and have 3 bulged disc, degenerative disease, and non-union of the transverse process of L-1 thru L-4 and a wedge in T-10, with a bone spur in C-3. I also have a rib the second on right side that wont stay in place and has develped arthrisis in it, beside the fact I have hypermobility, neuropathy, Migraines...How can anyone ask why anyone would be on such strong pain meds? I wonder what kind of people would be here trying to get support if they are able to handle the pain so easily? We are all not in the same amount of pain. No one can say that. When we run out of meds or someone steals them we go thru withdrawals because we are physically addicted to them. That is very different than stealing someones meds because we want to get high. That is an addict. Extreme pain is one of the reasons I am on this site everyday. I need input from others who are suffering also. I hope the mother will get the help she needs in the hospital. Since she has so many health problems I dont see why they wont give her some med to help with the withdrawls and for sure I would get a written agreement from the pharmacy to make sure no one can pick them up that are not suppose to. I wish her the best and hope she gets well soon. By the way I would prosecute the son. Is there any chance that she is taking too many of them? I use a pill case with the days on them so this doesnt happen to me. It is easy to forget if we have already taken our meds sometimes.