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    does anyone take oxycontin? i was on 80 mg. went down to 70 mg. every 12 hours, it really seems to help the pain. before that i took at least 8 750mg. of vicodin a day and it didn't help the pain.
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    Over this past year I have been able to drop to only 10mg 2 times a day...and it is still working just fine. And that is DOWN from my starting dose of 70mg/day.

    You have quite a dosage there...It is so expensive, I was glad when I could keep taking less and less!

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    I was taking anywhere from 10 to 18 Vicodin ES (75/750)'s a day when I got in to a pain specialist, he started me off on the 5mg Oxy's, told me he wouldn't limit, as he wanted see how many a day it took to manage my pain, so the script was writtrn up for like 12 a day, which is like 60mg.

    I'm now on 40mg of the controlled release 3 times a day, plus I can take the 5mg (again up to 12 a day) for breakthrough pain.

    But then again, I have other "issues": spinal stenosis, inflammed SI joint, bone spurs, spinal arthritis, etc.

    But the oxy just worked on the FM WAY better then the vic's EVER did.

    It's like having margerine all your life and then someone giving you homemade butter!!!


    editted to add this P.S.

    I'm sorry for all of you that have to pay so flippin much for your meds, I honestly speak out loud on your behalf and remember you whenever I start to complain about my co-pays.

    I wish I could sign you up on my insurance, it really is good.

    more luv,

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    Yes, after complaining to my doc about the ups & downs of a short-acting pain med (vicodin 7.5), he gave me oxycontin.

    I'm confused though - I didn't know it was available in those different doses, like 70mg? Or do you "make" your own 70 mg by combining different ones (like a 40 and 3 10s)?

    I currently have 40 mg ones, and he writes enough so I can take anywhere from 1 to 4 per day. I like that I get to decide how much I need.

    He had me on 80mg for awhile because he wanted me taking fewer pills (2 80's rather than 4 40's). I didn't like that though, because there's no option to take LESS of the stuff. It was either 80 or nothing.

    And sometimes 80mg is just too much for me. Makes me nauseous & itchy. And there are the odd days where I don't need 80mg, hooray when that happens, and so I want the option of taking less.

    But often 40 isn't enough (and 80 too much), so I have to deal with more pain than I can manage. I asked if there was a 60 mg pill, and he said no. And the insurance co would freak out if he wrote me TWO scripts for the same timeframe: a month of 40's and a 20's at the same time.

    ?? do any of you have different mg ones so you can make your own dosage? Like that 70?

    Some things I hate about Oxycontin I hate:
    1. Too much makes me itchy (and I can still be in pain at that point sometimes).
    2. It takes so long to kick in, and you can't bite or chew it just to get it in you quicker.
    3. Unfortunately, a body does get used to it. Try not taking it for a few days, you will detox & be sick.

    Do you guys experience these things too?