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    thanks for all the feedback on the oxycontin. my doctor writes a prescription for 10 20 and 40 mg. so i can take 70 mg. every 12 hours, sometimes i feel like i still need something in between, for the pain i get. oxycontin does take a few hours to kick in. when i take my 5 o'clock dose i have to lay down until i feel the pain subsiding. has anyone tried mobic for pain? it's helps me with inflammation pain.
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    While I was on Oxycontin I also took some thing else but I am having a foggy moment and the name is not comming to me.
    It was roxycodone and I took it first and then about 2 hours later I would take the oxycontin. And it seemed to work for me. I now am on MScontin and MSIR and perocet 10 for breakthru pain.
    But I usually don't take the percocet as it just stops me up. And the others are working well I some times will take advil and that will help with a headache. And toothaches too.

    You just need to tell your doctor how you are feeling. Keep a chart or record of when your pain breaks thru . how long does the oxycontin last for you before you feel pain? Keep track of when the pain is really bad and what your doing and what helps to relive this pain or if nothing does write that too.

    Keep track of the times you take your meds, wirte down what you take when you took it and when the pain is worse and it feels like your oxy is not working anymore. That way you will have a detailed discription of what a day is and how your meds work for you. So keep track of everything, it really helped me to get my doctor to understand me.