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    Hi all,

    I posted a few weeks ago now and was very depressed and really had a bad flare with my fibro due to having problems with post operaative elbow tendon repair. I did take the cortisone that my specialist suggested but oh gosh did it really give me bad side effects!!! My stomach was SO
    bad and painful that I was crying. Had to stop after 3 days and my dr gave me nexium (dont know the same in the US) but it is an antiacid type drug. Anyway at the same time I was als o getting off the cymbalta and put back on prozac as I was too nuseated on the cymbalta.
    I guess everything was too much on my body.
    My dr suggested I try oxycontin and since then it has helped me so very much!! The problem is I
    know how addictive it can be and I am really worried I will have a hard time getting off them. Since taking them I have so much more energy and can walk alot further without pain and also feel alot happier but not euphoric at all just feel normal. The prozac has probably kicked in too I suppose. I occasionally only take half when I feel I dont need as much but still I am really worried about getting hooked on them. My dr. is willing to give it to me to get on top of my pain. Does anybody know if this is a good idea or am I just getting myself into alot more
    trouble? (talking about the oxy)
    What should I do and is there anybody else out there who is on this type of drug (morphine)
    long term?

    Thanking you,


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    I know the pain medication can be extremely addictive. I have dealt with people that have been addicted. My thoughts are...if it helps you then you need to use it...but use it ONLY when you need it. I am in tremendous pain and sadly...the meds aren't working at all. I have a call in to my doctor and hopefully they can refer me to someone that will be able to help me with the pain. I'm in jeopardy of losing my job and the only thing that keeps me going right now it my Lortab...sad to say. Good luck to you!
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    If your pain is affecting your quality of life, then in my opinion, taking something to control the pain and make your life worth living is very important.

    Please read about pain medication for chronic pain and specifically for Fibro. The occurences of "addiction" are extremely low. Can you become "dependant" Yes. but that is different!
    I know some people dont' agree with me, but unless you've had the horrific pain or seen someone in that kind of pain, all you want to do is get some relief. Some people haven't experienced that kind of pain. My Dr. also believes in staying 'on top of the pain'. Forget trying to catch up with it - it just doesn't work that way sometimes.

    Read all of the posts on here about people crying out here for pain relief, asking for Dr's who will prescribe. We are WAY past taking a few tylenol.

    I get no euphoric feeling either. I get nothing but a little bit of subtle relief of pain. You are less likely to become "addicted" when there is no high involved obviously.

    Question though- are you taking OxyconTIN or oxycodone. If you're taking oxycontin you can't split that in half. That is very dangerous. Oxyctonin is the longer lasting medication. Oxycodone is Perocet basically - those you can split.

    I know that if I didn't have some pain medication I would not be able to function in any way. I would have NO life. I would probably be in bed crying from pain.
    I am thankful for my pain medication. I wish I didn't have to take it, but what I don't want is pain, not pain medication.

    Good Luck w/whatever you decide. It sounds like you have a caring Dr. who is concerned about your pain management.


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    I take oxcodone which is basically the same thing. My theory is if they find a cure for FMS I will worry about it then or if they find a med that will work better then the oxcodone. Until then what difference does it make as it is unlikely I will be going off of it soon. The only problem I do see with some people however, is if they are prone to addiction which I am not and they start taking more then the doctor prescribes if you are one of these people then I would not take it and I would have the doctor fine something else for you.
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    i agree with Janalynn, this medication has improved your quality of life, run with it, your not taking it to get high your using it to help u function normally, that is a reasonable approach to your condition. I was taking a drug called kapanol which is basically morphine for chronic lower back problems, i started using this when tramadol stopped working for me, so using kapanol for awhile definately helped and after awhile i went back to tramadol and it has started working again, so i find alternating between them helps me to avoid drug tolerence and to keep dosages from increasing, from time to time i may just use panadeine extra(tylenol and codeine over the counter stuff in australia) and celebrex etc just to take a break from the other meds which helps avoid physical dependency and tolerence.

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    I have a ? for you...why not start at the bottom then see how that works for your pain. Example Tylenol3, or Percoset (which are addictive)....I am just saying that starting with a big gun like Oxycontin might be the last step. You should goggle the drug...look at the side effects & the lawsuit the drug company was involved with due to the fact that the drug was highly more addictive than was made known at first to the public. Research as much as you can & work with your dr to make the choice best for you. The down side other than addiction, is that with narcotics your body will build a tolerance...then the ? is where would you go from there?

    Just a side suggestion do you have a good counselor to go along w/the prozac? Its all part of the healing process.

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    i just wanted people to know...i had a sister n law pass away from taking oxycontin. it was given to her after a surgery...im sure she did take to much of it, but oxycontin builds up in your system...till it eventually shuts it down. please please be very careful taking this strong drug!
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    I know we're all worried about getting hooked on our pain meds. With me, in my opinion, I try not to think about that anymore. The only thing I'm thinking about is managing my pain and taking whatever will work well enough to allow me to keep working my job full time and being a wife and mother.

    That's the way I feel about my life. I guess you just have to decide what is most important to you. Yes, I know there are people in my life that think I'm addicted to my pain meds, but I just tell them that's what keeps me out of bed and keep going!!!!
    Good luck with your decision!!
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    Sue -
    You're taking Oxycodone (Percocet). It's a little stronger than Vicodin, however for some people they prefer Vicodin. I wouldn't consider that the big guns if you've tried other meds.
    As mentioned if you were taking OxyconTIN you couldn't split that.

    Addiction and dependence are two different animals. Please remember that. Using pain medication for Fibro has a low incidence of addiction. We have pain that does not go away.

    Where do you go from there? Well I've asked my Dr. this and basically there is no ceiling on pain medication.
  10. Puddleglum

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    I wouldn't consider that the big guns if you've tried other meds. ( I guess that post was meant for me, indirectly. )

    Since Oxycontin is not combined with analgesics whereas Oxycodone can be combined and both drugs are classified by the DEA as Scheduled 2 where Hydrocodone is classified as a Scheduled 3 drug...meaning that Class 2 has a higher rate for addiction that Class 3.

    "My" suggestion was for her to try other ways of pain relief before moving into Class 2 meds. I am not against the proper use of pain meds as long as the patient understands ALL the risks and works with their doctor.

    Do you have a problem with that statement?


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