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  1. selma

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    One 10mg tab with 1000mgs of X-Tylenol didn't work.
    Soo, with Drs. OK took 2 at 1 time. OHH NOO.
    Overcome-not unususl-laid down on sofa. PAAIN. I thought it was the start of a major flare.
    Had a hard time breathing (shades of a serious reaction!!)
    Had hubby try and move my head. I couldn't move ANYTHING.
    HE COULDN'T MOVE IT BUT I COULD NOT FEEL it,my head. OK so Im an airhead. He gave me at my request some mylanta tabs. I wanted to dilute the effect. It helped.
    Then an amazing thing happened. I could close my fingers and make fists. WOW Good effect !!! I still ached but severe pain now dull. The ability to move came after about 45min. This all started at 6pm. I'm getting
    soreer(new word) Sordy sordy sordy. And stiffer. I know butt not a pain in my ***. One place anyway.
    Now the 6 million $ question.
    I'm going to take ultram now.
    Tomorrow should I try the Oxy again??? Getting off now so will read answers when I get up.
    Your input will help and be appreciated.
    Hands are swollen. I hope my head isn't tee hee
    Love and huggs, Selma

  2. selma

    selma New Member

    I'm up there too. Hopefully I'll get some help.
  3. friendtoo

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    Selma, were these the effects you were having from the oxtcontin. I know when I started taking them 3 years ago, and then reaching a point where the high doeses didn't work anymore, I was put on morphine, 200mg, and now after researxhing the drug, and also the fact I must be off narcotics to be in an upcoming day program for FMS, so I am quickly doing a three week job, and boy I suffer. I can understand whnat they say, this is why I overdo it, the painkiller kicks inso i can do things then i suffer after, its an ongoing rollercoaster, but the fact of being off them and dealing with just pain scares the shits out of me. The other day I thought I just couldn't handle the pain, I felt like a dying person moaning to myself, crying..I was a mess.

    I do understand the fact narcotics can be habit forming but if they help with the pain and your ability to live better why do they want you not to take them, and instead suffer from the pain. If we mask the pain are we doing any further harm to our bodies, or actually increasing the strength and the ability to move more. I do find though it does nothing for my sleep, I rarely sleep, and then some weeks I sleep all the time, does anyone else feel like this?

  4. selma

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    I was told by a dr. that you don't get any points in heaven for being in pain.
    I hope that you're doing Ok.
    I tried and have been using 1 oxycontin & 1 ultram.
    It seems to be working for me instead of two oxy.
    I think that Olive leaf extract is helping too.I take 150mg
    about 3x a day. Take good care of yourself.
    Love, Selma
  5. Samies02

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    I take 40 mg. of Oxycontin three times a day with other meds for Pain relief and this does help me. I do have to take phnergan to help with any side effects. I have been on this med for the last 4 years.Although oxycontin is not the kind of med that you can just stop or run out of. You will feel as if you are dying. Its like this biggest Flare Fms Day and then some. But, when I use this med as the doctor tells me then it works. Hope you feel better.
    Sammi from Ga.
  6. IndigoSC

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    Sorry if I sound kind of dumb.... I always thought that Oxycontin was the strongest narcotic pain med that there is. Or is Morphine stronger? I'd really like to know, like an ordered list of pain meds and their typical strength in relation to the others... Like, darvocet mild, then codiene, or whatever the case may be... Anyone know enough to "rate" them for me?
  7. clueless

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    I take 20 mg. of oxycontin twice a day.I also take neurontin and klonopin at night.I was told to take the oxycontin three times a day as needed but I have felt uneasy about taking it so am suffering with the pain instead. Really would rather not take any more of it although i have no bad effects from it.The terrible tiredness is what is killing me. No strenght at all and Oh!! so tired.
  8. selma

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    The reaction was to 20mg of oxy. I don't know which is the strongest. Right now this is working for me.
    I sometimes take ?2.5mg I think of vioxx for pain just b4 the sleep meds. Luv, Selma