oxycotin, and family expectations

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    Hi everyone who reads this and who post, thanks. I have been dealing with fatigue. I work fulltime as a visiting home health nurse. I really just sit and take care of peds patients at home. Thats all I can do now. I use to work in facilities but not for over a year. well enough chit chat. I have to many questions to ask! Is any one on oxycotin? and how has it helped? Are you scared of addition? and one other questions anyone feel overwhelmed at family responsiblities. I am a mother of 2 teenage daughters and one adolesant. I don't feel they understand or really care with I am unable to do. They feel bad That I don't feel well but expect me to function normally. It is hard to do it and work also. At night I am exhausted.My husband tries to understand but is also easily frustrated when no dinner is cooked. Well just venting. I have fibro. don't want it.
    accept it most of the time. I am only 38.
    thanks, Jen
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    Oxycotin is trouble. If you start taking this drug there is a great chance of becoming addicted. You will have fibro and addiction to deal with.
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    I feel very overwhelmed with just trying to manage my life. Family, work this DD. Feeling pretty down about it all today. I don't take oyxcotin but would not hesitate if I didn't have other options that seem to be working for me at the moment.
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    Hi Jen
    Just wanted to let you know that we all know what you are going thru everyday and that we all care. Everyones problems are different in some ways, but we all feel over loaded,tired,hurting and the people we love the most just doesn't seem to understand how we need help and some kind words every now and then.
    I don't have children to look after, but my husband was terminally ill for 7 yrs and then my youngest son who is now 30 has severe health problems and lives at home and I was working a 40 hr week. Only God got me thru those days. Since then my husband has passed away and I have had to go on long term disability due to this fibro. I was older when I got this and it must be very hard when you are young and have a busy family to keep up with.
    You ask about Oxycotin, I was on it for a few yrs and kept it as low a dosage as possible and didn't have any problems. I changed doctors and he changed me to the Duragesic patch and this is doing better. My family doctor and Pain dr also said that it is important to stay on as low a dose as possible and the chances of becoming addicited are less because your body is using it for what it needs, not to give you some kind of a high. I know I was afraid to try it, but when the pain takes over your total being and you just can't get through the days chores----- it helps to find relief for the pain this fibro. cause us. I know each person has to decide what may work for them and so this is just to let you know how it worked for me and I wish you the best of luck in what ever you decide to do. Joyce
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    Jen, your life sounds EXACTLY like mine! I am 40 years old with Fibro. I have 3 kids. They are 21,17 and 5. I don't work though. I did but had to quit. I just could not handle it anymore. It was a job where I was constantly moving and on my feet all day and was just getting too exhausted. I would actually go on my lunch break and fall asleep in the lunch room and often a co worker would have to come get me if no one else was in the room.

    My family also cares that I am sick but still is quite demanding of my time. Neither daughter drives yet so I am officially their taxi driver to where ever they want to go. I have a 5 year old that needs to get back and forth to school 3 days a week.

    I do take Oxycontin. I have taken it for about a year now. Started out at 10 mgs and wqas slowly raised to 40 mgs 3 times a day. The 40 mgs. is what really works good for me and my pain level is almost nothing compared to what it was. I can actually function now because I am not in much pain anymore. I don't get any kind of high or anything from this med. In the beginning when I first started it I sure did but no longer do. My body has become use to it.

    I do notice one thing about this med though. I have talked to other people on this med but they don't seem to have this problem. I take 3 pills a day. Every 8 hours so basically it is in my system 24 hours a day. Every once in a while I will forget to take my afternoon one and when it starts to wear off and I have none in me I get terrible hot flases and the shakes and sometimes even sick to my stomach. Almost like I am feeling a withdrawl of some kind but my doctor and everyone else I have spoken with said that I would not be feeling any kind of withdrawl just from missing one pill. I know what I feel thoguh and it does feel like some sort of withdrawl. So I try to make sure I take exactly 3 pills a day and 8 hours apart so I don't get that horrible feeling.
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    Jen .. people who have pain and take painkillers do NOT become addicts .. we do NOT get a high from these meds .. I also take oxycontin 10 mgs ( what is supposed to be a 12 hour dose but my schedule is tailored to me .. 9AM and 5PM because my pain and stiffness progresses throught the day and at late afternoon I'm in pain .. enough to make me it a misery so the med helps by way of this schedule)..

    People who shout "addict" do NOT know what they are talking about .. and I think you know that in your heart .. so don't get discouraged .. we just want part of our life back and relief from pain for a few hours makes our lives livable ..

    I know you must feel depressed and discourage .. especially since you have so much to handle and your family is having a hard time adjusting and supporting you properly .. the last thing you need to worry yoourself over is the pain med side .. give yourself a break .. if you have a doctor that writes those scripts out for you take the help .. you are educated in what to do for yourself .. don't let other peoples opinions sway what you know what HELPS you .. hang in there but take care of YOU !
    Good Luck !
    Fudge : )