Oxycotin vs. Duragesic patch?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fmfriend, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. fmfriend

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    My Dr suggsted a change a couple weeks ago and at the time I said I didnt want to change because the patch has been helping wth the pain,and its continuous so there isnt a rolleroster ride waiting till the next dose and it seems to give me a bit more energy too.At Times when Im having a flair I do go up to 2 patches at a time an that realy helps then I just back down when flair subides after a few days. So there is a flexability factor that I like too.

    The down side is it doesnt aways stick well so I use the extra adhesive covers and it has been giving me a rash lately. Also it seems to make me short tempered,snappy.Thats why I dont dare go up in dose completely and need to. Im only on 25 mcg changed every two days hydrocodone 10/650 3x a day for breakthu pain.

    I had tried oxycotin long ago and I dont remeber a big improvment in the pain level.But it was a while ago and I dont remeber what dose I was on,probably the lowest or what was used along with it for breakthrough pain. I dont know if it has the same flexability factor either. If you need more can you take more? Does it realy last the full amount of time it is suppose to ..12 hrs I think I remeber it was suppoed to and didnt?
    Im debating giving it a try again. What doeses of either do
    you take.

    I'll appretiate any advice.
    Blessings~ Sally

  2. CatofDoom

    CatofDoom New Member

    i take vicodin (hydrocodone) and oxytcontin...the oxycontin only last from 4-6 hours and sometimes barely 4 hours sometimes when the pain is really bad (at least it's like that for me) but it does tend to have a sedating effect.

    but if the patch isn't as effective for you anymore, it's a good pain med for you to try. only problem is that you can get used to it pretty fast, i take up to 10mg every 4-6 hours and it's not working like it used to. i'm seeing my neuro next week to talk to him about increasing my doasage.

    hope that helps even a little bit,
    take care!
  3. UnicornK

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    I can't take narcotics because I get addicted to them. Just spent 6 weeks in the hospital getting off demerol. Does the patch make you "high", drowsy, lightheaded, etc?? I could really use some pain relief!

    Thanks! and God Bless.
  4. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    bump for replies
  5. Yucca13

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    Been on the Sandoz patch for about six months and have not had any major side effects. A bit of sweating at night. I find that the patches do not seem to last the full three days and like to change them closer to every two days.

    I can only put them on a couple of places as my skin is so sensitive. As long as I put them on my upper right arm they don't bug me.

    I like the steady, convenient way to have pain relief. There are many times that I still have to use another medication when I'm hurting a lot.

    One thing that might be a drawback for some people is that it is contraindicated to drink any alcohol when using the patch. I used to have wine or beer once in a while but abstain now. The patch is probably hard enough on my liver without overtaxing it.
  6. kmcerio

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    Hi there Sally . Nice to meet you. I am on duragesic/Fentanal Patches and I take vicodin and soma muscle relaxers. I started out on 25 of the patches and now my Doc has added a 12(I guess the 12 is fairly new) but I don't get flares-wish I did. My pain has not stopped for even a day since it first started unfortunately for me.I can't take the oxycoton it made me sick.I only weigh 96 lbs. and I can't tolerate it. I wish you luck. You might consider increasing your patch by the 12. Hope this was helpful and good luck. Karen
  7. taniazcatz

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    I dont ever remember it lasting the full 12 hours. Even when I was taking 40 mg twice a day, I still took tylox for breakthrough pain. Now, I am on the 20mg oxycontin and I love it. I can take up to 3 a day and that works much better for me. I like the flexibility of taking the 20 mg. I guess I could've taken the 40mg the same way but it is not carried by any of my local pharmacies. I tried the patch for a brief period but went back to the oxycontin. I still have percocet or vicodin for breakthrough pain but I don't really need it most days. The lowest dose for the oxycontin is 10 mg, maybe you could ask your doc to write a prescription allowing you to take the oxycontin 2-3 times a day, it really works for me. Good Luck.


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