oxygen can it help cfs

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    I heard we are short of oxygen. and I've heard some people have a hyberbaric chamber they use. today I spoke with a woman whose husband became ill after visiting lake tahoe in the 80's. might have been during the outbreak in incline village. he went to ucI medical center and was diagnosed with ebstein barr. he was so sick and was bed ridden for months. they had him use an oxygen tank. he is now recovered. so it sounds like this oxygen really could work. or maybe it was because he was diagnosed soon after becoming sick. and the virus did not harbor in his body for years. does anyone have any experience with oxygen???
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    I just read today in my Science Daily newsletter that lack of oxygen has been discovered to be the cause of the very beginning stages of Alzheimer's! Shocked me...cuz I sure feel signs of it.

    Now, how many hyperbaric chambers are there, and what dr. is going to order it for us,if they don't even believe in CFS/ME?

    Are there other ways to get it? (like slant boards?)

    Something that really might be worth looking into!

    Thanks for the post..very interesting.