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    For the last month, I have had problems breathing. It’s nothing that I can’t handle, but what a pain to live with. Every couple of minutes I need to take a deep breath. My heart and lungs are good and I have no allergies to speak of. I don't have infazema or asthma or anything like that, because I can go on the treadmill at 15 degrees for 40 minutes and climb 2,000 feet and don’t have to hardly open my mouth, except to take my usual deep breaths. So it’s my nerves the doctors say. But I sure can’t see how, I feel basically ok and my nerves don’t feel to bad, and there is really nothing out of the ordinary that is bothering me. So I just wonder if it can be a lack of oxygen. With all the cars and oxygen eaters, maybe there is a lack of oxygen. I don’t know, have any ideas?


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    Hi for years i have gone thru this. i have even gone to the er everytime my oxygen level was good. my doc also says its from nerves. even when i dont feel nervous or excited i get this i do however notice that if i have something important to do or if i have just gone thru a tramatic thing after it is over i breath like this for a few days. i am sorry you feel like this and i hope it gets better soon. as long as you have gone to the doc and they say all looks good i wouldnt worry to much just hang in there and it will pass you can also try some deep breathing that might help. i learned this thru therapy i have pannic disorder. i hope this helps kris
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    I live in central California and the humidity is average. So when the breathing gets worth, has anyone tried a valium type of med and has it worked. I'm trying lorezapam (like a valium) but not enough to really notice to much. I am only taking .5 mg., I think it helps. So next time this really bothers me, I will try 1 mg. They make 2 mg. tabs. Oh well if it is my nerves, which it probably is, that's better than having something medical wrong with you, like lung cancer.

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    I had the same problem as you do. For about 2 years I would get constant shortness of breath. When I walked up the stairs or around the house, I would not be able to catch my breath. Finally, last summer I went to my doctor. He did all sorts of tests, even a stress test on a treadmill. They all came back negative. I also was stressing out at badly at that time. He sent me to a psychiatrist who increased my anti-depressants and I've been better ever since. So it COULD be stress causing your problem. If you still feel bad, you could consider seeing a Pulmonary physician. They can do pulmonary function tests to see if your body is getting enough oxygen.

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    You could be bang on with the cause.

    Most everyone with this DD has a blood disorder, top ingredient missing are oxygen levels - the cells are clogged up for multiple reasons, so can`t work efficiently.

    Your lungs & cells are dehydrated, the lungs contract in a bid to conserve water -(ever see how much you lose in one breath on a freezing day?). This could be why it`s hard for you to breath.

    Clogged up blood cannot distribute oxygen, nutrients & hormones to other organs in the system.

    Solution - Start by gradually increasing your water intake up to 6 -8 glasses a day with a pinch of pure unrefined Sea or Rock Salt.

    Water & Salt are the backbone to a healthy system. The cells can`t communicate & clense without these.

    Tea, Coffee, fizzy & diet drinks do not count.

    Wishing you better health soon.

    Love Pat.
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    If I might butt in a little bit. While a pulmonary function test might be a good idea, it will not measure oxygen. For that, an arterial blood gas test would be necessary. Not only would it show your O2 level, it would also show your CO2 level, which can be out of whack if you're hyperventilating. It also measures other things, such as ph, etc. You can feel out of breath without any of your blood gases being abnormal. Humidity and bad ozone can definitely contribute to that.