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    I was just switched to Oxyir. I was taking Vicoprofen 7.5/200 2 tabs 3x a day. I felt like it was slowly causing my blood pressure to climb so I asked my dr to switch meds for me. He happily did so. However, I find that the Oxyir is fast acting but short lasting. Do you find this to be so? Is there a better alternative? I am looking for a pain med without tylenol or ibuprofen in it. (my blood pressure went up while I was on Vioxx so I thought maybe the ibuprofen was causing it to happen again - dr said it is a possibility and I did not like taking Vicodin because of the long term use of tylenol) I also feel like I get a headache an hour after taking the Oxyir - still monitoring that one to see if it is something else.

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    10mgs and you really need then every 8 hours. Irs last me about 2-3 hours. Hope this helps some. Head ache is normal for some and will go away after about a week or 2.

    Good luck, Kim
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    Thanks, I am having a horrible time with pain. I need to call the dr and see what he can do. This is getting tough to take. You take care.

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    Calling the doc is the best thing. Have you asked about the patch? It is Fentinyal (sp). I am allergic to it but, it is supose to last longer. Take care and good luck, Kim and Gary
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    Hi Kim,

    Yes, I do see a pain management dr. I love the pain clinic and my dr is great but even he gets frustrated with this dd because it is so hard to help the pain - at least it has been for me. I hve so many illness' now that I am going crazy. I thank you for all you advice and I love reading your posts. Take care.

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    more. I keep having more surgeries every year and new meds for the new things that just don't stop. I went to the Podiatrist for 2 ingrown nails and ended up having bone spures under the 2 big toe nails and 2 bone cysts and then advanced osteoarthritis that needs sugery. I had the cysts removed and filled in and one toe done. Just started to walk again about 2 weeks ago and man the big toe was the worst the pain and the feelijng it was going to exploed. I kept telling myself tomorrow it will be better. The fusion will be done after the healing from the first surgery and they must use bone from my hip for that one. I hear that is the worst pain ever. On top of that I need another 5 surgeries. I guess I am lucky though, none of them are for anything life threatining. I just am at that point where I wish it would take a break and leave me alone for a while. It is so hard for Gary to take care of me and our youngest who is 4. Now, we are going to be grandparents and I just want to sit back and enjoy this new little miricle. I don't feel sorry for myself but, it sure does push the envelope. So, crazy it is. I must say it's nice to know I'm in such good company.

    Pain is the hard part, it just wears you out and shortnes my temper limit. I do meditation but, as you know years and years of this just wears you out. My pain is under pretty good control but, there are those days when nothing seems to help and the doc does help by giving me more to get through those times. Sorry to ramble I just can't sleep tonight.

    Gary takes Oxycontin ver, very high doeses and Actiq which is Fentynol on a stick. The highest does they make and Oxyirs for break through. Maybe once you get a does that maintains you could ask about the otheres for break through pain. It's just finding that right combo. Do you spasum. If so I find Soma, Steriod injections and the chrio helps. I use to also do warm waterhydro theropy and it was great but, Nova care closed doen the tub. I loved being suspended in 98 degree water and it helped me stay toned.

    Hope you get some relief real soon, Take good care, Kim
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    Hi Kim,

    I totally understand your pain. I was punched in the jaw in 1987 and all my problems seem to stem from that episode. It started with severe TMJ. I went through the whole gammet of dentists and orthodontists and finally oral surgeons. I have had two surgeries the last being a partial joint replacement. I need another surgery but keep putting it off since I cannot take the pain now and cannot even imagine post surgical pain again.

    I also have fibromyalgia, asthma, osteoarthritis in the jaw, neck and possible lower back, two ruptured discs in the lumbar spine with sciatica, a reverse curve of the neck which is said to be like permanent whiplash, migraines, PCOS (polysyctic ovarian syndrome) which caused me to be insulin resistance which I tried to treat without meds which turned into diabetes which I was just diagnosed with on August 28 - two weeks ago - at the same time was told I am hypothyroid too. Uugh!!!

    Of course, I am thankful that I do not have cancer or some disease like that but I must admit I have been having a pity party for myself because I am sick of getting so much stuff.I have been turned down for SS twice, this last time by the judge and the appeal level afterwards. I did not have an attorney so I blew that ... I need to start over with an attorney but am so sick of that stress too.

    I am sorry to ramble but I get frustrated and need to vent.

    I am so sorry you and your husband are both suffering.I am lucky in that sense. My dear husband is healthy and able to work and does his best to take care of me. I know it is hard on him. He works for a company that fixes aircraft parts so times have been tough and money tight and my not working these last several years has really strained the budget but he never complains but I worry about his health too.

    Congratulations on the grandbaby!!! God blesses in such wonderful ways. I certainly try to find joy in the good things ... and there are good things.

    Kim, please take it easy and take care of yourself and that hubby - family too. I really appreciate your responses and suggestions. You are a sweet person. Take it easy and keep on keepin on!!

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    it's so wounderful to be understood. I have so many different things wrong that my PC says I am an Inigma. He wounders how I am always so cheerful. It's good to have a pitty party now and then and even better when you can shere it with someone else so you both can benifit. Getting it out and writing it some how seems to help especially when it's with someone like you. I appreciate your answereing. You have made me feel much better. I hope I have been able to help you to.

    Yes, it's a guiding light to have our first grandbaby coming at the end of the year.

    Your husband sounds like a one in a million, I must say mine is to. We have 5 boys.

    You are a good friend, Kim

    PS now to get the little one up for school, then maybe I'll get some sleep.