Oxytocin -- has it helped you? -- effects?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gracie97, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. gracie97

    gracie97 New Member

    Have you tried oxytocin?
    Did it help?
    What dose did you take?
    Pills? Injections?
    What effect did it have?
  2. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    Yes I have tried it. Have tried 2 injections. No it did not help. I was told by my doctor it was because my DHEA was too low.
    I also tried the pills, sorry I do not remember the strength. I don't recall if it said on the bottle. They came from a compounding pharmacy again prescribed by my doctor.
    I am waiting to see if when my DHEA level is high enough if it will work. BUT it may be that my problem is not related to FM. We are still checking that out at this time.
    So it may work for you!
  3. thisibj

    thisibj New Member

    I am currently taking darvocet and skelaxin. Would oxytocin be to strong to switch too? I don't have a problem with tolerating meds.
  4. Myth

    Myth New Member

    I don't recall the dosage. It is in pill form and I find that they work quite well for me with little to none side effects. They do not eliminate the pain but they make it more tolerable. I am only on it short term, which is a pity, but they do help better than anything for pain. But then for me T3's and Darvon did nothing- so maybe you might find them stronger than I do, if you are sensative to such things. I would definately try it if you can get a doc to put you on it.
  5. gracie97

    gracie97 New Member

    Oxytocin is a sort of adrenal hormone.

    Oxycontin is a narcotic painkiller.

    I was asking for opinions and experiences about oxytocin, the hormone, not oxycontin, the much maligned painkiller.
  6. Amy2237

    Amy2237 New Member

    Why would you take oxytocin? That is a drug normally given to induce labor contractions. I'm a childbirth educator as well and have never heard of it being used for anything but a uterine stimulant?