ozone from air cleaner hurt my lungs perhaps???

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    I am so bummed, I have started to notice developing nagging little cough especially when lie down to sleep, real scratchy and its like lungs sorta hurt in last week. Today I find out when call my contractor that my air cleaner (central system called Infinity, sposed to be state of art) does sometimes produce an ozone smell, but not to worry. I had noticed a funny smell and now that he mentions that I realise its probly ozone. I had heard in past that older small aircleaners that created ozone not safe but last year when I had this installed the contractor must have told mesomething about this being safe and different. But I jump online tonight to some hvac forums and learn perhaps this isnt so safe.

    This concerns me because I know ozone can damage ones lungs, I dont know if this is permanent or can get bettr, obviously I am not going to run it until I know whats going on. Do any of you know anything about this and what I should do to heal from it? My lungs have been one organ that never gave me trouble before so I was wondering what was up with this cough/scratch thing. sh&$@t.......
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    It was one that did one room at a time and we ran it in the living room back when we had 9 birds. It seemed to clean the air as there was always dust on the filter when I cleaned it every day. I'm prone to asthma and bronchitis. I never had a single case of it in the two years we ran it. Of course, no one sat directly in front of it.

    It wasn't made too well though and after the second fan went, we stopped running it. I really don't know what to tell you except I've heard both good and bad about the ozone cleaners.
    I don't think it has harmed any of my family. So I don't think you have too much to worry about.

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    can be detrimental. If there is some way to lower the level of Ozone produced by your Infinity system , try that...

    Blessings ,

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    bill and poets
    bill do you know if its possible to lower the level? i am going to have hvac guy come but dreading that conversation as think he will think i am a crank.......but i am not going to risk damaging my lungs, if they arent already, do feel better since shut it off, the developng cough has calmed down so its either ozone or something else that was comin out of vents.
    i did my homework on ozone though and basically experts say u can't really evaluate what safe level is with air cleaners, its not very regulated or researched. argh, i would have known it can kick out any ozone i woulndt have got it!

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    No reason to "dread" the conversation. I'm not sure if the system you bought is adjustable , but , if it is a good system it should be.

    Perhaps it would be better to describe the effects you shared here rather than the concentrate on your fear of lung damage. To much Ozone can cause the same things.

    If he doesn't listen , I would suggest that you tell him that you feel that the system is not right for you & you want a refund . Of course , he would also have to remove the unit if he gives you a refund.

    ANYTHING in excess is usually not good.

    Blessings ,

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    Years ago I bought an air purifier costing around 600 bucks
    that created ozone, of course the sales person told me it was perfectly safe, only to find out from the American Lung Association that it can cause lung damage. Needless to say, I quit using it and was out the $$$$$. Big expensive lesson learned for me. Sandie
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    I had a decent convo with the guy on phone and he said he will work with me to make it right. we agreed to have him look at and replace filter and see whats going on but if problem continues once turn on again he said he felt he would be able to resell it for me.
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    guy came and took out filter, its a merv 15 (hospital grade) and holy man it was dirty, only sposed to need to change it once a year but this is old house and had a bit of water in basement near it so it mopped it all up, that was likely the smell! I didnt realise it was a hospital grade filter, so I feel better about it,I am hoping that any ozone emittance is minimal, its part of my a/c/furnace central system so for whole house, would be nice if can keep it.
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    Let us know how things smell after everything is cleaned and back to 'normal'. I'm quite intrigued w/your system. My husband and I have been talking about upgrading our HVAC in the next year or so, and I have been looking around at all the purifiers that came out for the residential market (scaled down from commercial grade -- i.e. hospital, etc.). This is definitely something I want to add in our home. If your system produces ozone, I would think that the manufacturer is required to state the amount, as there is data on what level is harmful to humans.
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    Too much ozone can irritate the linings of the lungs. That's why there are limits on how much ozone can be put out by air purifiers that utilize ozone.

    Part of the irritation occurs when the ozone oxidizes some of the pollutants that are in our lungs from breathing polluted air. I've heard the average person inhales about a rounded teaspoon of particulates each day. Once some of this begins to get cleaned out, a lot of sensitivity one may have to ozone begins to decrease.

    I've heard that in the tunnels beneath the White House which provide an escape for the executive inhabitants, ozone air purifiers are used to suppress the molds. Also, their pools are ozonated, not chlorinated, for sterilization.

    Regards, Wayne
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    my house is a 20's bungalow and had a 50's furnace in it til i moved in a year ago. contractor said filter probly cleaned up years of stuff.
    it smells better in here now with new filter but my throat is still scratchy and my dog sneezing all the time.....I am going to give it more time. I dont know if ozone the worry only or if being such an old house and blowing air thru old vents is going to cause some probs even with good filter.......not sure what to do.
    I would like to check on ozone level as u suggested.
    the house historically was sposed to be a dry house so i dont think there is a lot of gross stuff in vents beyond normal old dust and this was first year in probly a long time any water came up thru basement floor cus of ground saturation.