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    Hi pa,

    I am sorry that you are going through a rough time now. I really feel for you, and will be praying for you.

    I am not an ordained minister, but I am a Christian who battles with mental illness.

    The Lord is not finished with you. He didn't abandon you. It is a hard blow that you went through. I am going to share how I feel, and what I have seen around me, and of course what the Bible say.

    I believe you went into the ministry because you love the Lord, and want to serve him. You went through all it took to become ordained, and to have the licence. You were in full time ministry for almost 10 years. Then you wrote that mental illness come over you, and one thing led to another. You didn't go into detail. You don't have to, unless you want to.

    Mental illness can hit anyone. At the time you were starting with it is when people needed to be supporting you and praying for you. I don't know how you were treated at that time. There are times that leaders in the church need support. Leaders are human too. They can get other illness also. There was a minister who visited the church I am going to. He gave the serman. The paster was out of town getting help for his medical problem. The minister had a heart attack at the end of the serman. I didn't know, and others, but he thought it was his time to go be with the Lord.
    The paramedics came and he went to the hospital, had bypass surgery. People was supportive of him, prayed for him, and he recovered. Several months after he was preaching at our church again. And he talked about the incident. The problem is that there is a stigma with mental illness. So people treat people differently. They make it into things that it is not. That is why people try to hide it. I battled depression since the time my mother died. That was whem I was 20 I am 49 now. It was about 2 years later when those thoughts came, and I didn't tell anyone. I had to act like a good Christian to live up to others expectations of me. It didn't help me at all. I had a condition that needed treatment, and there I was keeping it to myself. It finally caught up with me last year. I ended up in the hospital. But still I didn't want people at church to know. There was a lady who did, because she was the one who took me to the hospital. She asked me if I wanted the paster and his wife to visit me. They were not officially the paster, but was filling in while the board made up their mind if they were going to appoint them or look for other candidates, but I didn't know them, and I didn't know how they feel about visiting someone in a psych. ward. I said no. I didn't feel comfortable about having people there when I was in that condition.

    You really needed support, and not put down. Could of prevented from leading to one thing to another.

    If you have sinned in the process, You know that the Lord will forgive you, but have to repent of it, turn from it and not sin again. Even though the Lord will forgive, people may not, and we have a hard time forgiving ourselves. You have stumbled, get up and move on.

    I really like to read in the book of Psalms. After reading about David's life, there were shortcomings in his life, and he sinned against God. He repented, but he did suffer for it in this life. That can happen, but if the sins are forgiven, they won't be there on judement day.

    So what ever happened that caused who ever revolked your licence. God does not give out licences. It is made by man for man. For the same reason for other licences. It was man that took your licence, not God. They took your right to the ministry, but it didn't take your right to be a child of God, and there are ministries that don't require a licence. In your case, it still hurts, and it it degrading, and embarrasing. That is what people did to you, and the devil use it to really drag you down, and against God. It is so easy to think of God comparing Him to people. Like people may have an image of God that is like their father. So if the father is strict, mean, and looking at the things that the child did wrong, and etc. they would think that God is like that.

    I am glad that your hubby and theripist is good to you. They believe in you, and treat you the way that the Lord wants others to do. The devil also uses people to come against other people, and in a sly way.

    Keep working with your therapist to deal with these issues. Many times I ask "why me, what have I done" My childhood was rough, and had things happen that affected me as an adult. That is why it is important to deal with those issues. I went to counseling, and dealt with painful things, It gave me an understanding why I did, and felt about things later in life. Now it doesn't rule my life. It happened back then, but this is my life now, and I can have somethng to do about it. I pray every day to get through each day.

    Come back to the Lord, pour your heart out to him, and let him live his life in you. He can help you with the pain, and gave you a ministry that man can't take away. Break down the stronghold of doubt, and discourgement in the name of Jesus. He will restore your soul.

    I just posted a song before doing this post. There is scriptures in Psalms that posted under it. You may be blessed by that.

    This did get long. I read your post and had to reply. Come back to the Lord, and don't the devil and people take away your faith, and hope in the Lord.

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    pa,i read the previous post and i too suffer from a mental illness.i used to attend church regularly,pray intensly and very seriously.i also participated in several chuhch/reliougs functions. my mental illness showed up during this time and there were many bad feelings between me,the church,and my friends in the church.this really took a toll on me and my mental condition worsened,i was hospitalized many times during the next couple of years. it was a long road to recovery/stabilization.and despite myself God took care of me every step of the way.we serve such a good,loving,and BIG GOD!!! He wants the best for us,we are not in heaven yet so there can be much sickness and sorrow;there can also be alot of happiness and joy!! i pray to our Father in Jesus name that you feel His touch and comfort.MAY THE LORD GOD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS AND MAY YOU BE ABLE TO EMBRACE HIS LOVE,NOW AND FOREVER,AMEN.km
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    pa, I would like to hear from you. How are you doing?

    Still praying for you.

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    praying PA comes back and reads all this to know she has all our support.
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    I am still praying hard for you! God bless, Shelbo
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