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    Thank-you both for answering. May I ask where you both live? Packman, I'm so sorry, I can't imagine how much pain you must have been in at times. Due to all my injuries, and surgeries, I feel that at times I really do need something stronger than Vicodin ES. But, I think it would shock my Dr. to ask. I was also seeing a DO, who I asked for Guaifenesin, is this the med you are always talking about Mikie? I have read many books on fibromyalgia, and found out about Guia., by the book, "WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT FIBROMYALGIA". The DO had to look in her PDR, as she wan't familiar with this, and told me that she didn't think the pharmacy even made it anymore. But, did order me some, as she must have found it harmless, and told me, one older lady always calls in for a Rx for it, and says it helps her, I did not ask what Dx she had. I just started taking it. But, I do not know exactely how much to take. Mikie, how much do you take? what she ordered for me, and what the pharmacy had was Q-BID LA tabs. and I am to take 1/2 tab daily. Is this drug the same?
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    I live in SW Florida. The form of the Guai I take is Guaifenex LA 600 mgs. This website sells the Guai OTC. Please reread the book and ensure you have eliminated all the sals or the Guai will be worthless. Reread the part on dosing too. Most people will do fine on 300 mgs. twice a day (half of a 600 mgs tablet). I have continually increased my dose until it is now at 2400 mgs. I wanted to speed up the process because I have been sick for 12 years. Each time I increased the dose, I went through Guai flares.

    Each of us is different, so it is impossible to tell whether the 600 mgs. daily will do it for you. You will need to learn how to adjust your dose. Try the 600 mgs. for two weeks. If you do not flare, increase the morning dose by 300 mgs. When you finally do have a Guai flare, if it lasts more than two weeks, cut the dose down. Once you settle into your dose, there's nothing left to do than to sit back and let the Guai do its work. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie