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    Pam and Judy:
    Please check under Pepper2. I would love to chat with you both but we are all feeling so awful lets put it off and see what happens maybe next week or just before Christmas ok?
  2. pepper

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    Good idea. I am taking the day "off" tomorrow too. I cancelled my appointments and have decided to let my son take the car to work so I won't even be tempted to move from the house. I am hoping to spend it on a heating pad in front of the fireplace. I know I will end up tackling some paper work but only if I am up to it.

    I am sorry that you are both not feeling well either. From my 14 yrs of experience with these DD's, I have always found that the fall is the worst time of year and the added stress of Christmas preparations doesn't help.

    We will all feel better soon!

    I usually read a lot more than I post here too. Praying for you both.
    Love, Judy