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    Hello there; Pepper I didn't want to leave you out of this. I also don't want you to worry about me. There are enough other people praying so I just want you to focus on you and your situation. Ok? Enjoy your favorite junk food ok? Remember I am sitting beside you so don't forget to pass them
    Ok seriously. Yesterday I got hit with another whammy. I still am not sleeping. Man how much junk do I need to get some sleep. Anyways. My physio noticed that I have developed a kyphosis. It is a hump at the base of the neck at the top .of the shoulder. It is caused by the high doses of prednisone. It is from what I understand the spine curving inward and it is putting pressure on my rib cage and it makes me short of breath and it can put pressure on my abdominal organs. I was wondering why this week she kept pulling me off the treadmill. I thought it was just from this stupid bug. So I am really upset. It is like being the hunch back of Notre Dame. I am so upset. It just seems like one thing after the other. Stop this train and let me off. I will have to talk to my rheumy when I see her in 1.5 weeks. I know there isn't anything they can do. Pain is a little better but he may still have to increase it. I can hardly walk my feet and ankles are so sore and swollen. Thanks for listening you all so great. This is like having sisters. Nancy I hope your Thanksgiving was good and you got some rest. Drowned my sorrows with a cinnabon today and my girlfriend showed up with a Gaither DVD of Dottie Rambo with Sandy Patti singing We Shall Behold Him. I am going to find toidi paper and cry through it. Take care of yourselves and keep in touch and let me know how you all(is that an American phrase) are doing. I enjoy all your posts. Ephesians 3:14-21
    Love ya
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    Please don't ever leave me out when you are asking for prayers. I feel best when I am able to lift others up in prayer. I came on board before going to bed because I need to reach out and pray for all the needs here. It is as good for me as it is for you!

    Kyphosis! What next? The pain and swelling sound dreadful and on top of that you are still not sleeping! I will pray for you tonight, Cath, that you experience an improvement in something soon.

    Here, have a gluten-free lemon cookie. Maybe that will help. :)

    Love, Pepper
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    OK I consider myself told off. I appreciate the offer of the cookie. But when I have a pity party I want the real deal. I drowned my sorrows this morning with a carrot walnut muffin from Super Centre and washed it down with a half a pot of earl grey tea. Today Sat. How are you? I was real spiritual this morning and praying for you while I was grocery shopping. Remember you are in the palm of His hand. I wish you were closer and you could come over for tea. So lets pretend we are having tea together ok? Remember your gluten free cookies and honey roasted peanuts. Keep in touch. Love ya.
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    I am confusing myself so if I am repeating myself. I apologize. I have written several posts today. Chocolate is the best comfort food as long as it is good chocolate. You can never have enough. Kyphosis is like the hunch back of Notre Dame. Thanks for your love, laughs and prayers.
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    Meeting for tea. Maybe some day when we are both so much better that we are travelling all over the place.

    I am fine today. Went out with #1 son who inherited my dad's car, a 1984 Monte Carlo. He has spent two years fixing it up and it looks brand new. He took me and my sister out for a spin. My dad would have been so pleased and so proud that he spent so much time, effort and money fixing up his car. That was good for my soul. Then I came home and went to bed.

    Did you sleep last night? Is anythng feeling any better? I am praying for you and hope that something breaks soon. Now, that didn't come out right but you know what I mean. lol

    I know that God has us in the palm of His hand. I just have to keep reminding myself when going through tough times. I guess that is normal, right?

    Thank you for being there. Thank you for praying.
    Love, Pepper

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    I love those old cars. I used to live in a small town. I once drove an 85 fully loaded Ford Mustang that was midnight blue. It was when the show Knight Rider was on. Kids were almost hanging out the windows thinking I was Knight Rider lol. Oh those were the days. We had a classic car show in town on the hottest day of the summer. I didn't make it. They said 125,00 people showed up for it. I also like the way older ones from the 40's and earlier when they get into the costumes.
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    Pam, it sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving filled with memories. It is so hard celebrating a holiday after the death of a loved one.

    My DH says that he "might" see our GP tomorrow to get his AD's increased. If he is home, I will be dragging him there kicking and screaming if I have to. :)

    Cath, a car like Knight Rider! You must have been very popular. I actually brought #1 son to see the Knight Rider car back then when David Hasselhof came to town for an auto show. We have a picture of my son in the car. He thought he was so cool! He was about 6.

    Take care. Love you all.
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    I will pray.............the phrase you all is used by people in the southern part of the U.S. Linda
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    It gets run together and comes out y'all. I have been saying that tongue in cheek. Certainly not to offend any of our southern folks down there.