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    Well Pam how are you on this dreary rainy cold windy day? I think I will hibernate today. Thanks so much for your post. My flare is starting to settle a bit. Prednisone and morphine good stuff. lol. I am happy to hear that you went to the doc. I have bursitis in my hip. It is miserable. The only thing that really helps is heat. They also told me there isn't anything they can do for it. I was in tears last night it hurt so bad. I find that I now can't sit with my leg bent properly it is on an angle when I am sitting in a chair. I was told that cortisone injections don't work. I hope it settles down soon for you. I was re-reading your post on your assessment. Remember it is his opinion. That doesn't mean that it is a fact ok? Remember the whole world is crazy but you and me and I am not too sure about you. lol. Made you chuckle eh? Anyway I have a postie on my monitor with all your requests and I am going to add that this is resolved soon. When it is resolved will there be some retro money. That would be great eh? Now go and have a nice cup of coffee with some decadent dessert. Take care. Keep in touch. Know that you are loved and being prayed for and keep in touch.