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    Hope you're still around here because this has been DRIVING ME INSANE. lol....I too, am a nut for foreign films (saw in your bio). I was trying to think of the name of one of my alltime favorite films (based on a book that's one of my alltime faves, too.) to refer someone, and I have flat out not been able to remember it for WEEKS! I've really gotten quite "Foggy" over the last few weeks, and while very new to me and scary as heck, things like this...not being able to remember titles, authors, etc. is bothering me the most. it is. German film. Want to say it was made in late 70's or early 80's...might be wrong there, though. Plotline is a young German (or maybe Polish? he might be Polish) boy who decides very early in childhood that he will not grow. Period. So he doesn't, through sheer force of will (but might be remembering something about a fall, also...not sure there). Ends up an adult male in the body of a very young child. It is a pretty disturbing film, but excellent. Was quite controversial, if I remember correctly.

    Is this ringing any bells for you? If so, ppplllease let me know! Its been bothering me nonstop for weeks, and haven't been able to find on net because I can't remember title, director, or even book's author. OY.

    Signed...A little loopy,

  2. orachel

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    Just can't remember!

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