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    Hi elsa!
    I just saw your response to me about the Ffc made a few days ago today! I'm so sorry for the delay in response, esp cause you took so much of your precious time and energy to pass along such good info.

    You're on the nose, 100% with every single thing you told me, by the way! You clever thing, you!
    I've since done bunch more research into FFC, and turns out much of visit cost may be reimbursed by my ins co....Wonder Husband and I are planning to go to next free seminar thingie to learn even more. And I also found out about CareCredit payment program, which could be a helpful option (but sheesh! check out that interest rate if you don't pay off in 6 months! Kinda funny....I always notice that sort of think as have been in mortgage industry for many moons!). The bottom line is that me and Wonder Husband have decided to go to information seminar, learn all we can. Then we're gonna give it approx 3 mos to see how much relief/improvement in energy levels I can obtain using meds/herbals (I've gotten way inspired by some people here to do some intensive research into this...actually got a holistic dictionary geared for those with FM/CFS, as well as a book filled with completely whole food recipes for drinks, smoothies, juices, soups, teas, etc...all of which are geared for specific issues we have like fatigue, or stress, or pain relief, etc. Theres actually 5 or 6 recipes that were designed specifically for FM sufferers, which are supposed to be amazingly beneficial), aquatic therapy, biofeedback (start tuesday, yeah!), plus some major focus on breathing techniques, positive self talk, visualization techniques, and medititation...even prayer (which unfortunately, I've fallen away from tons in last decade or so). If I don't start WELL on my path to wellness, husband and I have decided we'll do anything we have to to swing cost of FFC. Hopefully, by then evil st ins disability claim will be resolved (hey..a girl can be hopeful, right? lol).

    So, thank you so very much for all of your wonderful suggestions, and all the time you spent trying to support me in my health! Really really appreciated.

    Wishing you hugs and health!

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