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    Hi John ... I was just reading your informative info on various "meds" for ADHD ... BTW thank you. I went to a pyschiatrist yesterday about "regulating" my anti-depressants. I also have issues with anxiety, depression and cognitive problems & concentration. I ended up getting DXd with ADHD and put on DEXEDRINE. I am 53, have FMS, OA, degenerative disc disease, and lots more fun goodies. Anyway, I got the Rx filled and was reading the information bulletin about the medication: could cause palpitations (oh lovely - always scary when you are in your 50s), and some other things ... but then on the back of the instructions there is a Drug Utilization Review (I guess from MY pharmacy?) that states: + Disease Drug Absolute Contraindication: CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE (from PROXY of FUROSEMIDE TAB 20MG On 04/02/2007) with DEXTROAMPHET ST CAP 10MG ... and: HYPERTENSION from PROXY of FUROSEMIDE TAB 20MG On 04/02/2007) with DEXTROAMPHET ST CAP 10MG. So I guess this is "a warning"? and now I am scared to take this stuff (since congestive heart failure runs in my Mother's family). I am wondering if trying to improve my cognitive issues is worth risking congestive heart failure (a terrible way to die ... watched my Mom die from it)? I guess I am hoping to find other folks with this condition (adult ADHD) who have taken this med (esp anyone 50+ out there). Thanks for any "insight" you may have. :)

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