Paid for ambien/self..Gotta Hear This One/DUH

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1maqt, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. 1maqt

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    Spent all day with the insurance co. and I am amazed we aren't dead!

    They will let my buy #14 Ambien for $49. out of my own pocket....they refuse to refill it except through the mail.

    They will give me #90, for $70 with a refill, by mail order!
    The Neurontin thay would not fill yesterday, got okayed today, but the pharmacy had to call and ask permission form the Insurance.

    Bottom line, is I have been without meds for 4 days, and now I am in a major flare. They filled the Doxycycline with
    no problem, $15 co pay.

    The main thing was that the combination worked.Help me not cause someone bodily harm here!!
    The Doctor had taken me of the Cipro to see what would happen, and within 4 days I was in a flare. Now the insurance has done the same thing, Please pray I can come back out of this flare the way I did in the beginning....

    I am really trying to be a good girl here..Maybe that's the problem?

  2. bre_ann

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    There ought to be a law against THEM. If a doctor prescribes a med., why can't they just fill it. If a dr. is on the insurance program, they should have to fill (with no problems) the prescripts. My brother has the same problem. He can only get 15 at a time and it costs him a fortune. I know there are way worse drugs out there than AMBIEN! I guess I should consider myself lucky as mine only cost me $20 and I can get all 30.
  3. Bambi

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    So far my insurance company has been
    good about my medications but I have friends who have had all sorts of
    problems. I have to disagree with
    spacee :) on the lawyers. Sure there
    are some ambulance chasers out there,
    but if it weren't for them when we
    are truly injured or maimed by some
    of the incompetent doctors out there
    we'd be just out of luck. It's becoming popular to knock the lawyers
    but the only arguement I can hear is
    they get paid for their work and they
    sometimes manage to get frivilous
    law suits into court. The judges should throw those cases out in the
    first place. Insurance companies are
    just one example of health care providers that can and do damage people trying to save themselves a
    buck at the expense of helpless patients. I don't believe in sueing
    for nothing or over groundless things
    that happen, but there is a real need
    for good attorneys when we have tried
    every other avenue and cannot settle
    a serious issue on our own. My uncle
    ended up having his leg amputated
    because his HMO doctor ignored his
    repeated complaints about pain in his
    leg and foot. He liked his doctor and
    trusted him nearly to the end. When
    the pain was just unbearable he got
    a second opinion and lost his leg as
    he had gangreen too far gone by then.
    He didn't win the bank in court but
    he did get fair compensation for his
    loss of his leg and for the mental and physical suffering he experienced
    right up to his death. Try to remember that those most against attorneys are usually the politicians
    who have EXCELLENT insurance and
    health care, money to pay if they
    want better care and are heavily
    financed in their campaigns by the
    insurance and medical groups. Anyway,
    stick to your guns and don't give
    up on getting the meds you need. Sometimes there are hearings they
    have to give you and your doctor when
    they've refused to cover your meds.
    Hugs, Bambi