paid over one thousand dollars

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    on tuesday i have paid out over 1000 dollars to get help in finding out why i am not digesting my food, i was very very impress with the place, it was very crowed for an alternative establishment. people going in and out, there were many nurses, like a hospital, with credit cards going ca-ching all day long and hundreds of dollars were being giving to this man, i am only started taking four of his regamended stuff that was prescript for me, so far im still feeling shitty, the only thing that stop bothering me has been the HEAT FROM MY BOdy that i am experiencing on a daily. he told me by looking at my tongue,that i have a bad case of candida, but he wants to deal with one thing at a time first, and that is my digestive tract. he has stuff for candida but has not put me on anything, there are candida tests that he will run, but not yet, i did a slivia test, a urian test and the acid test, he but a machine to my stomach and it read with is goin on inside of my system, the test is call heidelberg test. you know i have to go back for that result, so my first vist was 350.00 the two test came to 679.00, add it up, and my second visit will be 250. a blood test of 25.00 and the result of my acid test. and to buy more supplements, i need to feel better, i dont care if its only 2 days, i spend a lot of money. i am feeling just the same as i went into his office. , but i was really impress with the place. i hope soon i will start to feel at least a little better. my brain is still fog, i need that to improve more than any thing, good nite,.

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    Hope you begin to feel better soon

    Many thoughts are with you

    Wish you Well
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    Maybe it was a good sign that there were so many people in there. Usually word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising, and I can't think there would be that many people if it didn't help at least part of them.

    It does seem like an awful lot of money for holistic healing, but I've never gone that route so don't know. And in the end, if it helps, it's worth it.

    I spent (well, wasted) quite a bit on treatments over the years, but at least it was one more thing I ruled out, and won't have to wonder if it would have worked if I hadn't tried. Think I'm over all that now, but you never know.....

    Wishing you better days ahead.....Jole
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    Went broke using thousands of tests and doctors like this before we married only to get no help at all. Because these doctors were highly recommended and busy he thought the same. I hope you don't get ripped off of thousands like he did.

    Some of the tests and things as he progressed got to be ridiculous over time.
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    I think I got ripped off to back in the early 90's. I saw a naturopath who used that machine that told him what foods I was sensitive too and then told me to avoid those or add something back into my diet. I also spent about $1000 on his homegrown supplements and have no idea what he had me on. I did this for 9 months and didn't improve. He finally told me that he couldn't help me.

    Come to find out, if I'd just gotten the gluten, dairy, corn, soy and chemicals out of my diet, I'd have felt a lot better without needing any help ... now, I'm just working on rebuilding my immune system including treating for nutritional deficiencies, candida, etc.

    It could be that this doctor's office is busy because so many people are desperate for answers since the medical community just continues to treat the symptoms forever and ever and ever .... and never look for a cause.

    Good luck with this ... Marcia
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