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    New to this board. Just wanted to run this by everyone & hopefully get some opinions. In August I was hospitalized with a severe stomach virus and have been under a tremendous amount of stress. My husband had life threatening surgery in September & is having chemo now. Seems like everything has exploded all at once. Within a few weeks after my hospitalization I started out having pain in shoulders, neck, chest, thighs, etc. That has died down, now I have pain in my feet, toes, hands and fingers, sort of a cramping feeling, also front of lower legs & arms. I also get pains in my head. All these "pains" last a few seconds but are normally occur all day long. Do you think the virus & stress and all this fibro pain are related? Have seen a rheum. twice with lots of lab work. He stated yesterday that I have a positive ANA for Lupus, but said there are a lot of "false positives" and did more labs & I return in December for results. He did not rule out fibro. I do not have the symptoms of Lupus (rash, sores, etc.) I do have fibro symptoms. Does anyone have any insight to this - my mind & body are overwhelmed. Please help!
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    I am not a doctor, but it sure sounds like it could be something like fibromyalgia.

    Your doctor may do more tests, so maybe it is best to wait until he can rule out any other thing.