pain and ibs - yikes it hurts

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lynncats, May 16, 2010.

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    Oh my goodness, does IBS cause as much pain that I'm in. My stomach hurts/aches soooo bad, and my ribcage area on the right side, under my breast is on fire!!! Is this a normal IBS symptom? I'm miserable. Just took some pepto-bismol, and am praying that it works. Can anyone tell me what they take for this awful pain. Thanks in advance. P.S. I take Prevacid for my GERD/Acid reflux stuff.

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    IBS has a whole range of pain levels, anywhere from 1 - 10. So, you can have extreme pain with IBS.

    However IME what you are describing, if right in the ribcage area, sounds a little high up for typical IBS.

    ... any chance you are having a gall bladder attack? Any family history? Fit the 4F profile for gall bladder issues (female, fertile, fat, fifty)? ( -- yes, I know, it's sexist -- but many docs automatically profile 4Fs).

    Aside from the burning sensation, when you use your fingertips to compare your R & L sides, does one side feel warmer than the other? Are you running a fever?

    PPIs like Prevacid can set people up for nasty gut bugs. These meds are so effective that they knock out most of your HCl acid, the body's first line of defense against ingested pathogens.

    If you think you have a serious gut infection (is a 24 hr virus going around?) -- you might want to phone the oncall at your PCP's med practice.
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    If you are constipated don't take pep. I had a bad case I was up every 20 mins in excruciating pain for two days but only could go a small amount finally the second day I could not take it anymore and I had my husband go and get two fleet enema and I used one which was difficult as I was in pain yet I was finally able to go if not only some but it got rid of all the cramping I got the second one in case I needed it two. Then throughout the day I was able to go more still had some cramping but eventually it went away. Now I do not know if this is your problem but it helped me mind you it could have been a virus with me I just hurt to bad even to go to the DR but If it keeps up I would go to the Dr if you can
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    Are you sure it's IBS? Usually IBS is just a term doctors slap on intestinal problems because they don't want (or are incapable) to explore further. If you have Fibro, you are most likely Gluten Intolerant. This would be causing those symptoms.

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    If it does act up for an extended period of time I can get pain from my chest into my lower abdomen. Just getting up 20 times in the middle of the night because of it causes my back to spasm. So it's really hard to say. During a flare I try to stay on a low fiber diet for a few days - no dairy - no fruit etc. not a real healthy diet - also have to watch my supplements very carefully - I can only take very little Vit C - use the patch for that.