pain and muscle aches relife ?? what works

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mainerose, May 7, 2006.

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    i have been in pain since friday i have taken my hydrococodone and muscle relaxant. i used my lidoderm 5% patches. still the muscles in my back ache and hurt. i ahve deg. disk dess., in my back too. plus scolious, arthrits, compressed disks, acompresed fracture disk, and osteoarthitis. this is all through my back exept the fractured disk , i only have one of them, and as you all know fibro in my back. does anyone have any ideas, i am pain and i feal like crap. i wanted to go for a walk today as it was so nice here in maine. i could not. i ahve this for so long, but never gets any easer. i just seem to get worse. do any of you sweat people have a idea of something i can try. i have a temperadic bed..

    i have a little bit of news that may help some of you. if you can get your doctor to write you a pescription for a therapy bed. some insurances will count your monthly payments toward your deductiable. if you get food stamps or other aide some places may help with the cost. the payments will be counted as a medical expence for food stamps and you can have it counted and you may be able to get more benifitsfor this added expence. i am buying my bed through one of those rental companys and they allow this as a expence. medicare part d allowes it too. i hope this may help someone.
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    Sorry you are still having pain with your meds. My mom was also on Vicoden and patches and would still have pain. Her doctor added Darvocette for the breakthrough pain.

    She was also on Neuronton which seemed to help. I hope you are feeling better.

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    are feeling better real soon. So sorry that your meds are not working for your pain. Hang in there.

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    My pain meds didn't seem to work after staying on the same one for several years, so when I started falling asleep during the day and all night, my doc sent me to a sleep clinic.

    I have a condition called alpha intrusion - interupted delta sleep - and when given Xyrem for this condition and changing my pain meds I am much better.

    Many fms patients have this sleep disorder, so I would encourage you to have a sleep study. It was the best thing I've ever done for my pain and fatigue.