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    How many of you seem to get worse with pain and muscle spasms in the change of seasons? I live in Ohio and every fall I am miserable with pain. My back just spams and hurts and burns. I need a really good massage, but can't afford one. I used to be able to get my family to massage me, but now they won't do it anymore. I have such a bad knot on my left shoulderblade, nothing helps. I really need it massaged out with some deep tissue massage. I am in so much pain and so stiff. I take naproxen as often as my stomach will allow.

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    Dear GB,

    I understand having pain & spasms in the fall. Here in upstate NY the weather come fall is damp and chilly. Everyone says how wonderful fall us with the weather cooler....I have to keep inside or dress in layers and wear a coat and gloves long before anyone else does. Mine isnt so much my back as my chest and legs. The cold causes pain from the breastbone to my shoulder and once my legs get cold even when wearing jeans, my legs will ache terribly!
    The massages do help considerably, but as you say, who can afford them!!! I have found putting a hotpack on my chest helps the pain and a hot bath helps my legs to a certain extent. I am on muscle relaxants which I dont see where they help. I guess its a "live with it" circumstance.
    I can say the only season I enjoy is summer and that is only when it is hot out and I can sit in the sun.
    Keep your chin up. It could be worse, we could have a disease that is life-threatening, ours is one that we carry heavily on our shoulders as no one can see what pain and suffering we are going through.
    Keep well!
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    If they are muscle related I can have my DH work them out and the "spray and stretch" method has been great for the larger muscles. Haliecole (I think that's her handle) does a bit of trigger point work, you may want to look that up on this board.

    Most recently I started to get them in my throat, with in a 30 second period a spot (not always the same) will start to increase in pain, I have even had the pain reach my teeth. and then it tightens up and I can’t swallow without pain. It takes a week for the pain to go away. If anyone has any suggestions, please post!
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    I too use hot packs and ice along with hand-held massage, and I even got this thing that looks like a cane with little balls on it for the knots, but the only thing that really works is when someone can get in there and massage it manually. I also use a deep heat on my back. I too feel better when it's just warm and stable outside, but where I live, the fronts fall up and down or the jet stream, whatever you call it and the weather is changing constantly. Yes, I am very glad this is not fatel (spelling?), but I have a hard time handling this pain. I don't know about you guys, but mine is not strictly FM/CFS. I know that many of us like myself actually have documented inflammation, so that is why I take the anti-inflammatories as much as I can. The muscle relaxers help a little, but I don't like to take them, they make me fell really weird and loopy.