pain around one side of the head? anyone experience this?

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  1. MsBrandywine

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    I know there is alot of tension in my neck.. have used heat and about to try some Ibuprofen but I don't like to take that often for it bothers my stomach.. but..
    I took a shower.. that seemed to help a tiny bit.. Can an inner ear infection do this? Its been a long time in having one so I don't remember..
    My sinuses were all stuffed but been trying saline for that and working the pressure points for it.. Unless perhaps that is causing it..
    Any offer of help or suggestion would be appreciated..
    It also tends to get like stabbing pains every so often.. Guess will just try some ibuprofen and heat and see if that helps.. The sun is shining here today but its quite windy.. Its hurting up under the skull too so.. I'm thinking that its probably inflammation.... and maybe going up around my ear. it is sore inside too so will just see what it does..
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  2. sascha

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    i've been getting wicked neck and head pain off and on. it's very painful. is like a vise around my neck, then pain going up the back of my neck, into my head- then pains move around inside my head. sometimes feels as though my brain is swollen and bruised all over. sometimes stabbing pain on one side or another- locations change. everything above my shoulders gets extremely tight and sore.

    i don't know what brings the pains on now; i'm trying to figure that out- but i have found a way to defuse them. i do EFT technique, which is about tapping on meridian energy pathways at certain points, while specifying the problem. i am amazed and grateful again and again how much help i get from using EFT. there's plenty of inf. online about it- stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. there are demonstrations on Youtube, i believe. i really recommend this approach.

    good luck on this. i know how much it hurts. best, Sascha
  3. MsBrandywine

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    It must have been the weather... it wasnt so bad today. I would like to know more on this EFT technique tho Sascha... So I will go to you tube and check it out.. Thank You.. I really appreciate it.
    I get so much anxiety from all of this stuff happening.. Im sure alot of others do too.. I guess some just experience different things with this stuff..
    The with the weather changing back and forth with the barometric pressures.. As You all have probably experienced.. sometimes we can wake up feeling pretty good.. and go down hil.. or wake up feeling so bad and eventually during the day it kind of eases up or it does alot but yet not ever going away..

    On the vise grip feeling.. I do that alot too.. and that is painful.. it affects my balance too when it does that .. I figure that maybe comes from the weather or maybe my thoughts which affect or brings on anxiety or vice versa.. such a pain ..
    But Thank You both for answering.. I hate to think of anyone else having to deal with it but at the same time.. at least I know it isnt just me ...
    Healing hugs for both of You..
    I know I can feel where the weather is changing already.. We're spose to get lots of rain tonite and tomorrow..
  4. georgiee0826

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    my mother was having pain along one side of her head from her sinuses around to the back of her neck. It ended up being shingles. She suffered with this since November. It got in her eye, she had to have bi weekly eye checks and drops. The doctor said it followed that set of nerves on the right side of her head. she is still breaking out and in alot of pain. they thought her was a sinus problem first, the next dr she saw knew what it was right away.
    I just got the shingles shot 2 weeks ago, after seeing what she has gone thru.
  5. terrilyn

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    Migraine often strikes one side of the head and neck, and a rare migraine called hemiplegic migraine attacks one side of the head, and travels down that side of the body right to your toe. (I've had it.) The stabbing effect also occurs in many migraines. And I think it's natural that headaches trigger panic and anxiety--after all, something intense and bizarre seeems to be happening in our brains.

    Incidentally, not just the weather you are experiencing that day, but the weather that is expected for the next day can trigger migraines. My migraines go off the charts the day before high winds or rain is expected. Then, if it rains for a few days, I get an intense migraine the day before it turns sunny again.

    Ibuprofen used to work for me before I developed stomach problems. Heat and extreme cold can also work, depending on the nature of the pain. I use tiger balm a lot (if you can put up with the camphor smell). I massage my own skull a great deal, if it's one of those migraines where touch is not an issue.

    I know that for some people sinus headaches can resemble mgiraines, or co-exist with them.

    Get well!
  6. Beadlady

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    I wear a dentist fitted night guard too and it does help.

    I also have issues with mirgraines, allergies and occasionally sinus infections. My neck & shoulders tense up & get knots in them. Usually I can get relief using a heat cream like icy hot or freeze it on my neck & shoulder AND also use an ice pack. The combo of heat & ice work wonders. If all else fails I go to the chiropractor where I get therapy with the "zapper" and then my adjustment.

    About 6 years ago I got a concussion on the right side of my head--stood up from a sitting on the floor and the sharp corner of the cuboard door gouged me right above my ear. I've never felt quite the same since. Before this happened I was having Fibro symptoms but it added to everything else too. Not to mention I felt rushed to get back to work too soon.....

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  7. jesfms

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    do you think you could be grinding your teeth causing pain on that one side...look up tmj
  8. caroleye

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    I get that on my left side only. What works for me is either using my magnetic wrap, or some spot magnets if there's some tender spots. Use magnets for everything!! Massage, and my M.J. (glad I live in Calif); couldn't be without my Mother Plant.